The Defense Rests…

The Lyin’, the Witch Hunt, and the Wardrobe

“I hear Curaçao is nice.”

…without calling any witnesses. Which is not surprising when you think about it. (“How dare you cheat on MY TAXES!) All they can do is hope that they have impugned the integrity of the prosecution’s witnesses enough to cause reasonable doubt.

So, tomorrow are the closing arguments. I read that each counsel has asked for 4 hours, and Judge Ellis snappily told them that there is a reason teevee shows are only 30 minutes, so probably not gonna happen.

We still do not know what the drama on Friday was about.

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5 Responses to The Defense Rests…

  1. I predict Manafort’s lawyers closing argument will be three words:

    Scene: Striding to the jury box, his lawyer looks them over and in the most arrogant voice he can summon:

    “Presidential Pardon, Bitchez!”

    mic drop

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  2. A.J. says:

    That court, uniquely, is called “The Rocket Docket” by lawyers. They move cases! So “get’er done” before lunch is not unusual.


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