In Space, No One Can Hear You Losers Scream


Pigs! In! Space!

We are pleased to report that NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine is fully onboard Space Cadet Trump’s plan to have a Space Force:

New Orleans (AP) — NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine expressed full support Monday for President Donald Trump’s proposed military “Space Force” but added that it will have a role separate from NASA.

Bridenstine said in New Orleans that NASA’s responsibilities involve science, space exploration and technology development. As for defense and national security, he told reporters in New Orleans: “We want to be an agency that maintains its independence from those capabilities.”

“We want to be the organization that launches spy satellites, and not the agency that defends them,” Bridenstine didn’t add, “Anyone know where I can find a hot alien? Asking for a friend.”

(Note: most of the article is about the hopefully soon-to-be-launched Webb telescope, which is really cool. If you liked Hubble, you will love Webb, if they ever can launch the damn thing.)

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  1. Dennis Cole says:

    I thought in tRump’s administration, NASA stood for “Nothing About Science Allowed.” The entire Space Force Fleet will be built using thoughts & prayers only.

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