Pop Quiz!

White House’s Truth Teller, Elmira Gantry Huckabee-Sanders

Elmira Gantry Huckabee Sanders is 36 today.

Let’s sing her the Happy Birthday Song, but with our own lyrics, so we are not infringing upon the copyright holder’s, um, right? So, Scissorheads, put on your Hallmark Hats and get busy! We owe the Possum Princess a rousing chorus today!

So, for 3/17 of 1/10 of a point towards your Summer Session final, write Elmira a lyric (or two) – in the Blue Book, #3 Lead Pencils.

Format Example: Happy Birthday to you/You have a loose screw…

[ED – because I love birthday parties—I, myself, intend to collect the whole set—we are keeping this post on top. –TG]

[PS – fresher posts, if any, will be below.]


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27 Responses to Pop Quiz!

  1. Constant Liar Day to you!
    Constant Liar Day to you!
    We Only Sing This One Day A Year…
    But you Lie Evr’y Day!

    Not quite right, but at least this one’s printable…

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  2. Karla says:

    Something along this line?


  3. ScooterB says:

    Happy Birthday to you
    Shouldn’t bodyshame, it’s known
    But your kind of ugly
    Goes right to the bone


  4. Art says:

    Thirty-six, are you sure about that? She looks older.

    I guess you could gig me for body shaming, point taken, but I don’t think it is her actual body type, face, and shape making her look old. I suspect it is that being perpetually miserable, angry, and having to lie for someone who she knows will throw you under the bus as soon as it is to his slightest advantage to do so, tends to drain and bend a body and make one look older.


  5. RWW says:

    The Birthday Song’s too good for you!
    The Birthday Song’s too good for you!
    You’re a lying, loathsome scumbag
    So I’ll just say Fuck You!


  6. Ed says:

    Happy Birthday to you
    My statement’s not true
    Hearing you makes me nauseous
    Ms Hucka Boo Boo


  7. Jules MomCat says:

    May you lie a thousand years;
    May you lie a thousand years.
    May you be plastered, you bitchy bastard,
    May you lie a thousand years.


  8. moeman says:

    Happy Birthed as Huck day to you
    Extra squirrel on the family B B Q
    It tastes just like the neighbours dog
    That your crazy brother shot for you


  9. Kent Fossgreen says:

    Allow me to finish the one you started, Ten:
    Happy birthday to you
    You have a loose screw
    But since he’s your President
    It’s OK with you.
    (Not many more….)


  10. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Happy birthday to you
    You’re full of bull poo
    You’re just like your father
    The lies that you spew!

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  11. osirisopto says:

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Now piss off


  12. Bruce388 says:

    Shitty Birthday to you,
    You escaped from a zoo,
    Your brothers are morons,
    Your daddy sucks, too.


  13. Steve-O says:

    Happy birthd….
    Forget it, Huckleberry. You are not worth the effort.


  14. Happy birthday to you
    Your words smell like poo
    You lie like an a-hole
    And act like one, too.

    Sorry so vulgar, but she brings out in me. It’s the Huckabee Effect.

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  15. HarpoSnarx says:

    May all of TRUMPEE’s future bedpan technicians look like her!


  16. ming says:

    Crappy birthday to you.
    May you be hit by a shoe.
    Your lopsided eyes are caused by your lies
    The words that you say are not true

    This video never gets old.


  17. Oneofthebobs says:

    Crappy birthday to you
    Every other day too
    The monkeys won’t have you
    Cuz you’d stink up the zoo


  18. GQ says:

    Happy Birthday F*** You
    Happy Birthday F*** You
    F*** You and the horse
    That you rode in on too


  19. C Montgomery Burns says:

    I mean cake.

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  20. Mr DeBakey says:

    Go now
    Don’t look back Sarah, we’ve drawn the line
    Move on
    It’s no good to go back in time

    I’ll never find another girl like you
    But you’re 36 now not 22
    We’re fire and ice, a dream won’t come true

    Sarah, Sarah
    Lies are brewin’ in your eyes
    Sarah, Sarah
    Right now is a good time for goodbyes

    In the game when the stakes are high
    My heart was demandin’ while my senses stood by

    I’ll never find another girl like you
    But you’re 36 now not 22
    We’re fire and ice, a dream won’t come true


  21. Paul Fredine says:

    sorry, that’s all i’ve got.


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