Kris (K?) Kobach Recuses Self

Snacks for the Kris (K?) Kobach?

Kansas City

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach said in a cable news interview Thursday night that he plans to recuse himself from the vote tally process in the face of pressure from Gov. Jeff Colyer and mounting confusion over vote totals.

Well, that’s a relief. You see, the scourge of voter fraud, Kris (K?) Kobach is in a dead tie in his race to replace the incumbent Governor Jeff Colyer, and as the SoS for Kansas, he would be the one to oversee a recount. How convenient.

And we will not belabor the point that the VOTER IRREGULARITY DUDE’s state had some voter irregularity when some “missing” ballots were “found” cutting Kobach’s lead by more than half.

Oh, and why it is important? There’s less than 100 votes separating the two candidates.

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5 Responses to Kris (K?) Kobach Recuses Self

  1. roket says:

    Kris (K?) Kobach does the white thing?


    • Jim says:

      Oh yeah, big time racist. Actually, if he becomes the GOP candidte, he will almost certainly lose since he’s even unpopular with a lot of mainstream KS GOP voters (to the extent those people actually exist).


  2. RWW says:

    He’s recusing himself after all the votes are in? You’d think if his thumb was on the scale to benefit himself that was done months/weeks/days ago with the voter rolls, etc. and it’s now too late to do anything about it. He should have recused himself entirely the moment he filed his candidacy.

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  3. Osirisopto says:

    With all the table tilting Kobach is sure to have done he’s only ahead by 100 votes. it must have been a freaking landslide of epic proportions for his opponent.

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