The Lyin’, the Witch Hunt, and the Wardrobe: Day 7

“I hear Curaçao is nice.”

As we (and everyone else prognosticated) the day’s proceedings began with the defense trying to sabotage Rick Gates’ admittedly questionable integrity. Which went exactly where we predicted: titillation about Gates’ extramarital infidelities, and were stopped by Judge Ellis.

The defense accused Gates of all sorts of shameful behaviors, and Gates happily admitted to all of them, thus proving that you cannot shame the shameless. And oddly it left one with the feeling that Gates was probably forthright and telling the truth.

Then boring, non-salacious testimony from the IRS depicted how Manafort’s lap dance money went from Ukraine to offshore accounts to the bad-taste petting-zoo wardrobe: ostrich- and python-skin jackets.

The dots be connected.

The prosecution is expected to conclude today (or Friday), and then the defense begins.

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4 Responses to The Lyin’, the Witch Hunt, and the Wardrobe: Day 7

  1. I saw some prosecutor talking on one of the evening gasbag shows where he expressed disbelief that Manafort’s lawyers kept pushing Gates about that (paraphrased)

    Manafort Lawyer: “So how long were you facing in prison?”
    Gates: “Like a hundred years, dude!”
    ML: “And you admitted to those crimes!”
    G: “Well, duh, a hundred years in the slammer, dude!, and if I lie the deal is off!”
    ML: “So why should we believe you?”
    G: “Because if I tell the truth I’ll live long enough to get out of prison, you numbnuts!”

    And the former prosecutor’s going “I can’t believe this strategery, any jury is going to believe him, plus we have all the NON-criminals testifying to the same damn thing. Manafort’s effed in the dark!”

    So, therefore, Manafort has to be quite secure in his knowledge that he’s getting a pardon from the Orange Cheetolini, or the oligarchs have him by the balls, hard, as in ‘we’ll visit your wife and children with gardening implements, if you know what we mean’ .

    Or he’s got the worst lawyers in the world working for himtoo.

    It does not strain the imagination to think that my in previous two sentences you can substitute ‘and’ for ‘or’…


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