Job Opening Soon In The Swamp! Inquire Within!

Republicans return to their districts.

I know it is probably a shock to Scissorheads everywhere that a member in good standing of the GOP and holder of elected office has been charged with insider trading. Yes, Rep. Chris Collins, the very first Republican who endorsed Comrade Stupid (takes one to know one), has been indicted.

Christopher Collins, a Republican Congressman representing the 27th District of New York, his son Cameron Collins, and Stephen Zarsky, the father of Cameron Collins’s fiancée, were charged by federal prosecutors in Manhattan. Prosecutors believe it to be the first insider-trading case against a sitting congressman.

The first ever? Clearly they ain’t trying very hard. But I digress.

Collins, who was the first House Republican to endorse Donald Trump for president, is accused of tipping off his son about negative results in a clinical trial for a drug being developed by Innate Immunotherapeutics Ltd. to treat a form of multiple sclerosis, according to prosecutors. Collins, one of the company’s largest shareholders, served on the board of the company and had access to information that wasn’t public.

His son then passed the news to his girlfriend, his girlfriend’s mother, Zarsky and a friend, prosecutors said. In the four days before the negative drug news was announced, they and others sold more than 1.78 million Innate shares, avoiding losses of about $768,000, prosecutors said.

And in a startling development, Zombie-eyed Granny-starver Paul Ryan suddenly recalled that he is the Speaker of the House!

House Speaker Paul Ryan on Wednesday booted Rep. Chris Collins, R-NY, from the House Energy and Commerce Committee pending the outcome of a probe of allegations of insider trading on a drug-company stock.

So how dumb does one have to be to get Ayn Rand II to do something about being a greedy summabitch?

But wait! It gets better!

Collins did it on the lawn at the White House, and on camera?

Collins, of course, is running for re-election and says he will remain on the ballot.

So we got that to look forward to!

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