Don’t be a plant.

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6 Responses to VOTE!

  1. Scottie says:

    According to tRump & crew, 3 to 6 million plants voted against tRump in 2016. It made him sad. Hugs


  2. compared to Republicans? YES.


  3. Infidel753 says:

    Not only that, the average slime mold would make a better President than what we’ve got.


  4. Osirisopto says:

    DW says plants should have the right to vote. I’m cool with it as long as they’re in line behind me.

    Waiting for them to make up their mind is like watching grass grow.


  5. donnah says:

    No plants=no Green Party, so…no plants


  6. Pyed says:

    Most plants are one issue voters — fertilizer, And you know what party turns out more fertilizer than any other party. That’s right, the shit-for-brains party.


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