The Lyin’, The Witch Hunt, and The Wardrobe: Day 5

“I hear Curaçao is nice.”

No fashion news to report from yesterday’s festivities—alas—but the big news is that Mr. Manafort, the paid comrade of oligarchs everywhere, stared down his nemesis and former bidness partner Rick Gates like a gorilla in the zoo, shortly before the gorilla flings poo.

Anyway, other than that, Gates:

  • admitted that he was a crook, too
  • described in great detail the crime spree the two of ’em committed
  • looked anywhere but at Manafort; do NOT make the gorilla fling poo!

We assume that today Manafort’s defense team will do their best to smear Gates, and argue that Gates is a not-so-petty thief who was responsible for the crimes he described, and that Gates is trying to make obvious choir-boy Paul Manafort into his fall guy.

The defense will also attempt to make Mr. Gates unlikable; there are alleged infidelities and plural sex affairs in which Mr. Gates is alleged to have indulged! And if you’ve seen pictures of Mr. Gates, well, it proves the Tengrain’s Immutable Rule of Kardashians: money can make anyone attractive.

Judge Ellis is a pretty direct fellow: he will nip that in the bud, methinks as it really has nothing to do with financial crimes. The defense will say that they are trying to establish Gates character, but Ellis will say that he’s already admitted to being a crook.

Expect Team Manafort to look pretty WEAK! and DESPERATE! if they go that route and get their asses handed to them by the Judge.


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1 Response to The Lyin’, The Witch Hunt, and The Wardrobe: Day 5

  1. osirisopto says:

    And with every bite of food, sip of water or (god help him) courtroom coffee Manfort wonders “Is this the coup de grâc?”

    I expect Manafort to take his secrets to the grave with him, the question is: will it be his decision?


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