Both Sides Don’t, Jake Tapper!

Depends upon how the media frame it

If you follow me on Twitter, last night you probably saw a series of tweets I directed to Brian Stelter and Jake Tapper at CNN. It was because of this half-assed comment that Tapper made and Stelter amplified in his Reliable Sources newsletter:

“We are being led down the drain…”

“President Trump himself has made clear that he thinks that kind of behavior is great,” Jake Tapper said on “The Lead” Wednesday afternoon. “His son Eric approvingly retweeted that clip of the crowd heckling CNN, and the president retweeted it to his more than 53 million followers.”

Tapper’s big point: “The erosion of basic standards of civility and human decency continues. It’s not just a Republican phenomenon, but we are being led down the drain by President Trump. To Trump supporters out there: Imagine liberals shouting down a reporter from an outlet that they didn’t like, and a Democratic president giving that mob an atta-boy, would that be acceptable?”

It was the “It’s not just a Republican phenomenon…” line that set me off:

It’s incredible to me that even while whinging about how the damn Republicans are attacking them, CNN on-air, name-brand journalists are reflexively running for balance and claiming some fictional Left are just as bad.

What the Media does not understand is that this is exactly why they’ve lost their audience. The Right thinks that they are Fake News and the Left sees them as enabling the Right. And predictably, the Middle is tuned out.

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9 Responses to Both Sides Don’t, Jake Tapper!

  1. RWW says:

    They think if they soften their criticism by employing bothsiderism, then some Trump cultists might listen and be won over. They are wrong. Bothsiderism only normalizes the aberrant behavior of the one side that is actually guilty of it.

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    • tengrain says:

      Yeah, RWW – I felt like I was getting into Driftglass’ turf, and he’s the master of explaining these things.



    • osirisopto says:

      I must disagree, RWW.

      They employ bothsiderism because they need to throw red meat to Right. If their ratings tank their ride on the mainstream fauxtrage gravy train ends.

      AM radio in Podunk, ID doesn’t pay well enough for ostrich burgers and salmon crepe’s.


  2. roket says:

    Perhaps someone should do a poll on the subject.


  3. Oh don’t worry, they’ll probably dredge up Hillary’s great right-wing conspiracy from thirty years ago and say see! Bothsides libtards!!!


  4. MDavis says:

    It’s not just Republicans! It’s also those even farther to the right.

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  5. Paul Fredine says:

    odd, i don’t see them saying there are democrats doing it but asking them to imagine what they (the right) would be saying IF they were. but maybe i’m reading it wrong.


    • MDavis says:

      I believe Tengrain is taking issue with this phrase: “It’s not just a Republican phenomenon…” Tapper went on to say ‘Imagine if Democrats were doing this’ so why is that even in there? It blows his argument up into BothSiderism territory even as he is saying Both Sides Don’t. It’s bizarre, like a verbal tic he cannot quite get rid of.


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