Comrade Stupid Loves It When A Plan Comes Together


As we know, the other day totally stable genius Comrade Stupid bought off soybean farmers with a $12B Amero bribe (buy-back) for destroying their market with his stupid tariffs war with China, the EU, and blog-only knows who else.

And you know what happened, right? Everyone else want their bribe, too!

The US Chamber of Commerce estimated it would cost taxpayers a YUGE $39B Ameros to bailout every industry royally screwed by Comrade Stupid’s easy-to-win Trade Wars, and not just soybean farmers.

The $39B Ameros is only for the damage done so far. And you know that more is to come, right?

The Fourth Reich insists that everything is going as planned.  

Living Unisom and Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said  to the freakin’ Chamber of Commerce:

“I liken it a little bit to going on a diet. It’s no fun in the beginning, maybe a little bit painful, but at the end of the day you’re kind of happy with the end result.”

$39B Ameros is way more (weigh more?) than anyone ever paid to Weight Watchers, Wilburrrr.

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3 Responses to Comrade Stupid Loves It When A Plan Comes Together

  1. roket says:

    Diet Coke does not like this man’s attitude.

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  2. RWW says:

    The kind of end result I’d be happy with is Mr. Ross behind bars for the rest of his natural life on a diet of bread and water.


    • osirisopto says:

      No that’s cruel.

      Just two months on SSD, September and October. Then two more months with nothing but food stamps, November and December. Then two more with spit, January and February.

      But just to show I’m not totally heartless he can call to request an appointment to have his SSD renewed any time after March 3rd.

      After a pee test.

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