2018 Pie Fight and Faceberg

Comrade Faceberg

Faceberg says someone (is it Russia? It’s Russia, isn’t it?) has done it again ahead of the November midterms. Faceberg says it has shut down 32 pages and accounts with names such as “Aztlan Warriors,” “Black Elevation,” “Mindful Being” and “Resisters.” (Yeah, it’s Russia.)

Sen. Mark Warner, vice chairman of Senate Intelligence Committee, believes it’s Russia, and so his committee is planning to hold a hearing about foreign interference operations on social media. But it’s likely to be Kabuki theater, as we know, the GOP refused to fund election security.

So, we got that going for us. But also/too: Russia now knows that Faceberg is onto them, so expect them to get more nefarious.

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4 Responses to 2018 Pie Fight and Faceberg

  1. osirisopto says:

    Will they become more nefarious, or simply mail the check on time.

    I’m confident Faceberg’s caribbean billing firm has learned to specify which 30 days when billing the Russians.


  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    My favorite detail is how transparent the right wing memes are- how many people who don’t react Buttbart even use the term Aztlan? A handful of college activists and mid 90s Los Lobos band members?

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    • I saw an article about this; these are all left-wing sounding groups. Vlad is still helping the GOP, now they can just paint all Democrats, antifascists, or simply people who don’t like Trump as ‘Russian Trolls’ and Faceberg “proved” it.

      I look forward to Jake Tapper earnestly grilling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez about when she’s stopped beating her mother stopped accepting aid from the Russians…


  3. I’m bemused that Facebook removed a status I wrote that jokingly said ‘men are trash’ within two days, but all of these accounts miraculously pop up and remain on there long enough to gain traction.


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