How’s Those Tax Cuts Workin’ Out For Ya, GOP?

Republicans get to work in the 2018 Pie Fight!

In case you noticed the curious absence of campaigning on the Miracle of Comrade Trump’s Economy, the rank and file (and I do mean rank) Republican candidates already know that there was no benefit to the average American.

This Bloomberg article is a must-read (just look at the charts if nothing else):

Trump’s Tax Cut Hasn’t Done Anything for Workers
Wages were supposed to rise. Instead, they’ve fallen.

A similar story is in Tiger Beat:

‘Eye-popping’ payouts for CEOs follow Trump’s tax cuts
The insider sales feed the narrative that corporate tax cuts enrich executives in the short term while yielding less clear long-term benefits for workers.

So the Billions for Billionaires Tax Cuts, the only signature accomplishment since The New Confederacy grabbed the levers of the entire federal apparatus, is a bust with the great unwashed, how is it playing out in Possum Hollar? This story in the NYTimes gives us a clue: They are not campaigning on it. At all.

“Party leaders in Washington talk frequently about the tax cuts and a ‘Trump boom’ that will doom the ‘blue wave’ this election year — or at least shrink it to a ripple. News on Friday that the economy grew at a robust 4.1 percent between April and June seemingly supplied more ammunition to a message centered on tax cut-fueled prosperity. But so far, that is not how it is playing out on the campaign trail.

“With little more than a week to go before voters here head to the polls, the airwaves are instead dominated by more general promises to create jobs and, from Republicans, by dark warnings on wedge issues such as immigration, meant to rally the conservative base. A Republican ‘super PAC’ is blitzing the Ohio airwaves, contending that electing Mr. O’Connor will mean ‘more crimes, more drugs.’”

They got nuttin’ to campaign on except wedge issues. I’m not saying that the Dim’s ham fisted Better Deal slogan will work (I still maintain the our Reality TeeVee Prznint will immediately start barking, “I got the BEST Deal! YUGE!”), but it’s clearly the case that unless you have a corner office, there was nothing in it for you.

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10 Responses to How’s Those Tax Cuts Workin’ Out For Ya, GOP?

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    We’ve seen that tax cuts for the rich simply don’t work as advertised, since the Reagan years. Want to REALLY stimulate the economy? Try total student loan forgiveness. You could even make it retroactive, in fairness to those who have been paying for the past decade or so, and those who have paid theirs off, and are still in dire financial straits.
    Want to HYPER-stimulate the economy? Raise the Minimum Wage IMMEDIATELY to $15 per hour, with automatic raises tied to the GDP. Can you imagine the spending spree that consumers would embark upon? And if they can throw a couple trillion dollars at their wealthy friends, without worrying greatly about how they’re going to pay for it, well, tit for tat I say.
    So why won’t this happen? Because of greed, and because they need a way to subjugate the working class, and keep them subservient. Debt is slavery, plain and simple.

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  2. osirisopto says:

    Oh, really?

    Now what would the D’s be pushing in their messaging?

    Ah, of course a hint at the issue of Abortion. Opposition to the supreme court appointment of an anti-abortion judge is the issue the DNC feels is most likely to win control of congress.

    Brilliant, abso-f*cking-lutely brilliant messaging from the people who couldn’t win an election against a sexual predator, mob-connected, con-man, clown who just happens to be a disgusting human being and takes pride in being such besides.

    Я, ради одного, приветствую наших правителей-баннеров.

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    • tengrain says:

      The left needs a sloganeer and a branding expert, and someone who has never, ever touched a PowerPoint in their lifetime, or charting software.

      Spare me from earnest wonks!


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      • Every Dem should just put this chart in their ad. The one showing the fall off the cliff for real wages…


      • osirisopto says:

        They’re trotting out a laundry list of 14 issues written to appeal to college Juniors to ensure half the country either won’t listen to a damn word they say and wouldn’t understand it if they did.

        Guess how far down the list raising the minimum wage is?
        It’s not on the list.

        Here’s the first two issues the DNC has on their list:
        • Raising wages, closing the wealth gap, strengthening Social Security
        • Lowering health care costs; ensuring all Americans have access to quality, affordable health care; stabilizing Medicare and Medicaid

        Here’s how a HS dropout that’s spent his life selling shit to people would say the same things
        Better pay for your hard work
        • Protecting your retirement
        • Free health care for you and your family
        • Protecting your Medicare

        Simple ideas, Direct benefits, personal involvement, short MFing sentences.
        But then I want to see the Democrats take control of the House in 2018.


        closing the “wealth gap” FFS

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  4. MDavis says:

    Quotes that make me roll my eyes:
    “By this point, almost all economists recognize that income tax cuts no longer stimulate the economy enough to reduce deficits, as supply-siders thought they would back in the 1980s.” Like they ever actually thought this was true. More honest to say they claimed this was true.
    “The insider sales feed the narrative that corporate tax cuts enrich executives in the short term while yielding less clear long-term benefits for workers.” Less clear long term benefits? Are these the folks who claim that a rising tide lifts all boats? And if they are that same group, why do they get so upset if someone else’s dinghy is floating instead of sinking? In the meantime, the only possible (!) long term benefit mentioned is lower unemployment. If you’re going to starve you might as well work for it.
    Dishonest bastids.


  5. Redhand says:

    I’m not saying that the Dim’s ham fisted Better Deal slogan will work

    W.T.F.? Brings tears to my eyes. Don’t the rocket scientists in the Dem Stratergy Dept. realize that what the country has been seeking since the Crash of 2008 is a “New New Deal?” It has a certain resonance when you see, plainly, that the Rethugs are gutting the old one.

    Where is the Dem candidate who says of the 1%, “And I welcome their hatred”?


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