Bad Branding, Cont.


There’s genius in branding who came up with this one… Still, one hopes that they have a 2-for-1 sale sometime, or perhaps a double-coupon.

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7 Responses to Bad Branding, Cont.

    • laura says:

      That babby human woman toddler and her entourage can throw down one hell of a good time-believe you me!
      Be best and attend if you can.


  1. Sir Nigel says:

    Keeping abreast of fashion trends!


  2. Steve-O says:

    This is the result of a meeting with an itty-bitty committee.


  3. RWW says:

    I thought there were the 4 “P’s” of marketing. Turns out it was just 2 “T’s”


  4. Bruce388 says:

    Here’s hoping the business doesn’t go bust.


  5. Pyed says:

    Are those men’s clothes for women, or women’s clothes for men?


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