The ‘Splody Head of Meghan McCain

Princess Walnuts

Let’s watch MPS’ own Soylent Blonde, Meghan McCain self-described explosion of her head on the electric television machine:

It is certainly very rich for our favorite Booze Heiress and media legacy hire (married to noted Federalist lite brite Ben ‘copy & paste’ Domenech) SoyBlo to melt down thinking about any democratic socialists coming for her inherited wealth. (Cindy ‘pills’ and Grandpa Walnuts are worth about $200M Ameros, so Ben married well.)

We note that in her head ‘sploding, Princess Walnuts spits out with disgust that some people want things to be run more like the Post Office.

Well, frankly, yes. Yes I do.

The USPS is a marvel, they are absolutely what a democracy looks like. For the same low price they deliver anything to Possum Hollar that they would deliver to 5th Avenue. The flat rate is not dependent on where you are and where the item is going (try negotiating that with FedEx), nor does the USPS suddenly say that they won’t send their employees into that dangerous neighborhood.

Now, the USPS does have super-duper ninja powers that they use on Conservatives. It only takes a few seconds for white Murkins to lose their shit in the post office, but these same Murkins will gladly wait in line overnight for Black Friday sales at their Walmart, and of course for their morning cup at Starbucks. Go figure.

And if anyone thinks that SoyBlo has ever, even once, been in a post office, let alone waited in a line to send a package, I’d love to know about it.

Everyday, everywhere, the post office “connects” with everyone in America, so yes, SoyBlo, I would like things like Banking and Internet Services to be more like the USPS. We would be better for it.

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14 Responses to The ‘Splody Head of Meghan McCain

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    She pulls her hair back so tightly, it puts pressure on her brain.

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  2. You know it’s going to be a fun ride when someone starts quoting Margaret Thatcher, a woman who is still widely loathed in the UK. MM was making a lot of noise while not actually saying much…how surprising…

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  3. roket says:

    You can tell by looking that particular intellectual conservative wants to keep her piece of the pie all to herself.


  4. Bruce388 says:

    Check out the campaign contributions of UPS and FedEx.

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    • UPS does all their own deliveries, but FedEx is heavily dependent on USPS doing the ‘last mile’ deliveries for the bulk of their ground shipping.

      Plus they have the distinct advantage of not having to fund the health insurance and pensions of employees who haven’t even been BORN yet! unlike the USPS…

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  5. RWW says:

    Clueless trust fund heiress knows nothing about the post office, socialism or the Democratic Party yet holds forth on national TV about all three. She should just stick to what she knows…collecting checks for doing nothing, overdoing cosmetics, and maximizing the monetization of her relationship with her father.


    • She reminds me of that it’s-GOT-to-be-the-Onion bit on the Daily Caller the other day when one of their oh-so-brave conservatives risked her very life an hour of her time hitting a oh-so-scary liberal democrats rally.

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      • MDavis says:

        My jaw dropped twice in less than two minutes watching this, once for the bit about ‘they talked about stuff everyone wants but how are they going to pay for it’ and the second time for “they talked about how they had gotten involved because they were tired of being angry all the time and it seemed like so much effort being angry all the time instead focus on what you can do to change it.” And she claims she had been to a Trump speech where the whole schtick seems to be ‘let’s get angry and yell!’, Also she claims to be an editor, which implies she can understand language.
        I used to watch “Dark Star” once a year until Blockbusters went away. There is a bit iwhere Pinback is telling a story and Boiler says “Didn’t he tell this story three years ago?” Doolittle replies “No, I think it was three years ago/” It is one of the movie bits that pops into my head again, and again…


  6. w3ski4me says:

    I live in “rural Ca.” and the Post Office, at 6 miles to town is the only reliable source.
    I have been ‘blacklisted’ by one delivery person. My road is rough rock but it is hard packed and most people have no problem with a few bounces. She labeled my road “unsafe”?
    Now my latest package was “delivered to my gate”. Except I don’t have a gate on my property?
    UPS wanted no part of that failure, but Amazon is making it good.
    Had it gone to the Post Office, I would have it already.
    The Post Office is “the only way to fly”


  7. NorKid says:

    I am a US citizen living in Norway and pay 48% in taxes. I have, for the most part, free health care, free schools and a good pension system. Granted, Norway has 5.5 million people and a shitload of money invested, earning a hell of a lot more, so problems are easier to solve. But the mindset is completely different here. (Most) people do not have a problem with this system. We are humans and so by default, greedy as hell and want to keep it all, but we don’t. And the world is not coming to an end for us.
    Soylent Blond should ask her parents or grandparents what % they paid in 1970, probably 90% for the top part (not all) of their income. And that was the ‘good ole days’
    Just say’n…

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  8. I am greatly amused at how horrified these victims of the Fox News Bubble are at things most people find unobjectionable, even desirable; things like health care, public schools, well-built infrastructure… they have been so indoctrinated that they can’t imagine that most people WANT these things, and are appalled to find it is so. So much so that they find it impossible to believe that there is not some underlying, evil intent….

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