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The times are a-changing: Sabato’s Crystal Ball is now saying that the Dims are poised to win the house. This is significant because they are generally (overly) cautious.


— Democrats are now a little better than 50-50 to win the House. This is the first time this cycle we’ve gone beyond 50-50 odds on a House turnover.

— We’re making 17 House ratings changes this week, all in favor of the Democrats.

— One of those comes in OH-12, where the last nationally-watched special House election is taking place in a couple of weeks.

But what makes it even more encouraging is that Crystal Ball is also trending Dims to taking a majority of the Governorships that are up this year. The encouragement? These will be the governors who will be signing into law (or vetoing!) the congressional maps following the 2020 census.

Get all your pals and neighbors to the polls, peeps!

This democracy is ours to lose if we get complacent!

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  1. Sirius Lunacy says:

    According to that map I am not living off the fat of the land.


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