Too Little, Too Late

It’s a nest of ’em.


“The Justice Department plans to alert the public to foreign operations targeting U.S. democracy under a new policy designed to counter hacking and disinformation campaigns such as the one Russia undertook in 2016 to disrupt the presidential election.
“The government will inform American companies, private organizations and individuals that they are being covertly attacked by foreign actors attempting to affect elections or the political process.”

The DOJ will consider a number of factors in notifying people, including:

  • whether sources and methods are at risk
  • whether the attribution is as certain as possible
  • whether the announcement would abide “with longstanding policies regarding the timing of charges or taking overt investigative steps” if it took place during an election.

The DOJ has an unwritten rule not to impact an election with any announcements, which as we all know is the rule that James Comey broke when he announced that the FBI was re-opening the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s personal email server, and threw the election to Comrade Trump.

Had the policy been in place in 2016, it could have alerted:

  • Faceberg that a foreign actor was using its business to distribute propaganda.
  • The DNC that a foreign hacker was trying to hack its systems.
  • Comrade Stupid’s campaign that Russia was trying to aid it.
  • The General Public (not the band) if “federal or national interests…outweigh any countervailing considerations.”

I’m trying to figure out if that would have mattered to any of those four:

  • Faceberg, as we now know, already knew the Russians were buying ads but what the heck: Russians need a voice, too!, as Zuck would say. And the checks cleared.
  • The Podesta Bolognese Sauce & Co. trade secrets were already grabbed.
  • The Trump 2016 Goat Rodeo Campaign was (ALLEGEDLY) using the Cyrillic alphabet, figuratively speaking. “We welcome the help.”
  • The (ALLEGEDLY) economically insecure, white supremacists of Possum Hollar would not have cared less.

So, you know, maybe it would make a difference if the Left didn’t feel that Clinton had it in the bag?

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6 Responses to Too Little, Too Late

  1. I suspect, though, that if Comey had not done it, that the NY FBI office would have leaked the OMG BEELYUNS OF HILLARY EAMILZZZZ ON HER MOOSELIMB GAY LOVERS PEEDOFILE HUSBANDS COMPOOTER!!!! to Fox and the hategasm in the GOP congress would flowed through the halls like a river.

    They would have probably ordered her arrested executed on the spot.


    • MDavis says:

      I Thought the NY FBI office plans for that move were, in fact, Comey’s excuse for his actions. Do I not remember that correctly?


  2. Nangleator says:

    Now I have to go listen to General Public and feel better.


  3. moeman says:

    Not to get all GRS on y’all but The English Beat has a brand new album out and it is quite good (give it a listen or two). Nothing like great ska beat with a political tinge on a few songs. Ranking Roger is underrated.

    Also, too, a shout out to GRS.


  4. Ten Bears says:

    Why does that make me think of a bag full of rocks?


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