Get Thee Hence!

Seriously, go to Infidel’s place for his Sunday round-up. Why are you still here?

Great links to great blogs, and strangely to MPS! Go figure! Dude must be on drugs.

Also/too: I’m doing the round-up for Crooks & Liars this week (starting tomorrow), so if you have run across a great liberal post somewhere (or written by yourself: THAT IS A HINT), let me know!

Blow your own horn, people!

While I do not promise to use every story you send to me, I do promise to read every story you send.

Send tips to: Tengrain AT mockpaperscissors DOT com, put C&L in the subject line, please.


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3 Responses to Get Thee Hence!

  1. Ten Bears says:

    The gal kicking the can is awesome!


  2. you say “dude must be on drugs” like it’s a bad thing….


  3. AuroraS says:

    On Infidel’s roundup, one thing: the “check your voter registration status” site sends up a huge red flag. As I understand it, the Russians attacked voter rolls, obtaining information electronically…why risk adding yourself to some target list? It reeks of phishing. In Maryland, you can call the DMV (which handles voter registration), check their official website, or check Maryland’s official website. I imagine other states do it the same way.


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