Bad Packaging, Cont.

Scissorhead Skinny-D bought us a round at the MPS Pub!:


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4 Responses to Bad Packaging, Cont.

  1. MDavis says:

    That’s meant to be an apple tree appealing with her apples?
    The tree’s only complaint would be that she don’t make no apples unless she can attract some attention with her flowers. Trees are pretty practical minded when it comes to reproduction. Unlike, say, most people.

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    • ming says:

      You’re only considering at part of the cycle. Her voluptuous fruit are picked by lucky passersby to spread her offspring far and wide and consummate the cycle of fertility.

      So is it hot in here or is just me?


  2. M. Bouffant says:

    Damn hippie tree-fuggers!

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  3. StonyPillow says:

    Succulent fruits, as well as tempting hard wood that’s great for smoking. A delight for every desire.

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