Pence Is Glad To Be (Campaigning) in Kansas City!

Pence is the one on the right.

Today we lead with the walking termite buffet Mike Pence, who went on the road to Possum Hollar and…

Mr. Holier-than-Thou is confronted with the question of where he stands on children being ripped out of their parents arms, and the questioner is summarily dragged out, because that’s the way we do free speech in the Fourth Reich.

Now, you might be wondering what Pence is doing in Kansas City while his boss is meeting with Comrade Putin for his annual review, and some possibilities come to mind:

  1. He’s shaking down GOP donors, as per usual.
  2. He’s trying to reassure donors/bidness people about the Trade Wars (as the farmers of Possum Hollar are gonna be reaching for pitchforks and Tiki Torches before too long).
  3. He’s a stealth goat for a future Goat Rodeo.

These USA-chanting, salt of the earth residents of Possum Hollar don’t exactly look like the big bucks donors that would typically warrant a visit from the White House, so we’ll scratch that from the list.

As Pence has almost no constitutional power (other than asking Comrade Stupid if he feels well today and breaking tied votes in the Senate), it’s not like he can address any grievances that Possum Hollar might have selling their swine to the Chinese, so we’ll scratch that from the list.

So… that leaves us with #3. The real question remains, 1) Is Pence positioning hisself for 2024 or B) 2020?

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2 Responses to Pence Is Glad To Be (Campaigning) in Kansas City!

  1. Osirisopto says:

    3) 2018 because trump couldn’t even get the trains to run on time.


  2. roket says:

    Just like USA, Heil Hitler also has 3 syllables. Coincidence? I think not.


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