UPDATED – Breaking: My Heart

And now we know:

So Ken Starr’s dictation boy is going to be the next Supreme Court Justice. The guy who helped Ken Starr write the report to impeach Bill Clinton now up for Supreme Court.

One of the probably more salient points in Kavanaugh’s favor is that Kavanaugh says NOW that Clinton should not have had to face down an investigation DURING his presidency.

And boom: the Little Kremlin-on-the-Potomac is now politicized at the SCOTUS.

OK, but here’s some otherwise bright news in a grim environment. These Senators turned down the Orange Menace’s invite to the announcement:


So, Scissorheads, if any of these people are YOUR senator, get on the phone with their local office tonight, and to their DC office tomorrow. These are the ones, for whatever reason, can be persuaded to not support  Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Assorted Updates:

BOSTON GLOBE: “During her 21 years in the Senate, Collins has voted for judicial nominees put forward by Republican presidents nearly 99 percent of the time, according to a Globe analysis of more than 500 of her roll-call votes for Supreme Court, circuit court of appeals, district court, and other judicial appointments.”

The DNC sent a blast email out noting of the 34 testimonials the White House sent out backing Kavanaugh, 34 were men and 0 were women.

Politico put together a cheat sheet on Kavanaugh’s position on topics of the day.

Also from Tiger Beat: Senate swing votes prepare for SCOTUS onslaught, lists many of the public statements from the Senators, above.


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9 Responses to UPDATED – Breaking: My Heart

  1. HarpoSnarx says:

    Well why not. The Goopers have now shoved all three branches of government into the wood chipper.


  2. As soon as I heard that Kavanaugh thinks that a (Republican) President should not be investigated or indicted, I knew the fix was in. Of course, if a Democrat is elected President, the foregoing is no longer applicable.


  3. He’s not on your list, and it’s no wonder, but I think we all know how Plastic Ron Rubber Stamp Johnson will vote, that asshole.


  4. Redhand says:

    One of the probably more salient points in Kavanaugh’s favor is that Kavanaugh says NOW that Clinton should not have had to face down an investigation DURING his presidency.

    What a whore this little twerp is. They really are turning the federal government into a fucking joke. The only “consistency” we can expect from GOP judicial nominees are decisions that favor the GOP.

    This is NOT the way our government is supposed to work.


  5. donnah says:

    Emailed my Democratic Senator Sherrod Brown this morning already. I told him that I’m behind him and expect him to stand up to Republicans in this confirmation battle. He usually responds quickly to messages from his constituents and I hope he is ready to get tough for us.


  6. Paul Fredine says:

    but…but…but he said ‘nobody in the country is better or more qualified’ because, you know he checked EVERYBODY in the country…at least everybody with great ass-kissing abilities/qualifications (as exemplified by his remarks praising the dumpster-in-chief right after he was introduced).

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  7. Bruce388 says:

    FatNixon didn’t nominate Jared?



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