The Quote of the Day (UPDATED)

Rubbed down to a nubbin.

Scissorhead Roket alerts us:

“I have broken more Elton John records, he seems to have a lot of records. And I, by the way, I don’t have a musical instrument. I don’t have a guitar or an organ. No organ. Elton has an organ. And lots of other people helping. No we’ve broken a lot of records. We’ve broken virtually every record. Because you know, look I only need this space. They need much more room. For basketball, for hockey and all of the sports, they need a lot of room. We don’t need it. We have people in that space. So we break all of these records. Really we do it without like, the musical instruments. This is the only musical: the mouth. And hopefully the brain attached to the mouth. Right? The brain, more important than the mouth, is the brain. The brain is much more important.”

And so there you have it, the brain is more important than his organ, of which he has none.

I coulda told them that.

UPDATE: Scissorhead Bluegal sends us this important update:

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12 Responses to The Quote of the Day (UPDATED)

  1. another kiwi says:

    His use of words in a speech is like a cowboy herding kangaroos. He gets the roos all in a big group, but he isn’t in control of them and it still looks like a goddamn mess.

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  2. Pyed says:

    Despite his Twat (which I feel certain someone else conceived but didn’t compose) much much more mouth than brain is in evidence.


  3. Sir Nigel says:

    I’d unravel every riddle for any individ’le,
    In trouble or in pain.
    With the thoughts I’d be thinkin’
    I could be another Lincoln
    If I only had a brain.

    Read more: Wizard Of Oz – If I Only Had A Brain/Heart/Nerve Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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  4. donnah says:

    Try to imagine Obama saying that…I know! It’s unpossible!

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  5. Jules MomCat says:

    Suckface has a mouth. And (allegedly) a brain. But there’s no connection betwixt the two.


  6. Perturbation says:

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    • 9thousandfeet says:

      Fuck yeah!
      Can’t go wrong with G & S.

      One day, if we’re lucky, we’ll get to that “let the punishment fit the crime” place;

      The advertising quack who wearies
      With tales of countless cures,
      His teeth, I’ve enacted,
      Shall all be extracted
      By terrified amateurs.


  7. RWW says:

    Even the army of mouth breathers pause for a second and realize what an idiot he is, then they remember their hatreds and prejudices and brush it all aside because it pisses off libruls.


  8. Also, he only shows the people sitting behind him. None of whom paid a dime to get in, of course. When you pull back, the arena is pretty much vacant (see what I did there?). While Sir Elton gets the place filled with people paying hundreds of dollars for the seats. Also, Elton’s fans go away satisfied and happy, not bitter and disgruntled. Also also, Elton is SIR Elton, thank you very much.


  9. Buttemilk Sky says:

    He has a very good brain. It was a gift from Ben Carson. It’s floating in a jar of alcohol, but it’s better than that porous object in his skull.


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