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Little Kremlin-on-the-Potomac

The Russian Usurper hates, Hates, HATES this photo showing how unpopular he is. Please do not use the photo. Let’s wipe out this photo from history. Be sure to tell everyone not to use this photo.
Putin thanks you.

Hey guys, you know that inauguration thingie that Prznint Stupid is always dithering and bleating about? You know, the one that Spicy told us was the biggest one in history (that no one attended)?

It seems that Mr. Mueller is interested in it:

The inauguration caught law enforcement’s attention back while it was happening. According to a Washington Post report, counterintelligence officials at the FBI were “concerned” by an unusual presence of politically connected Russians in DC during the event — including some of the exact people who “had surfaced in the agency’s investigation of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.”

But in the last few months specifically, much of Mueller’s team’s questioning of witnesses has reportedly focused on matters related to the inauguration and possible foreign money.

  • In early April of this year, CNN’s Kara Scannell and Shimon Prokupecz reported that Mueller had recently stopped and questioned at least two Russian oligarchs who had been traveling to the US — to ask “whether wealthy Russians illegally funneled cash donations directly or indirectly into Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and inauguration.”
  • The following month, ABC News reported that Mueller was questioning witnesses “about millions of dollars in donations to President Donald Trump’s inauguration committee” — specifically about “donors with connections to Russia, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.”
  • The Associated Press reported that Mueller’s investigators interviewed inauguration chair Tom Barrack. The AP’s sources, however, gave conflicting accounts on what Barrack was asked about. One said he was asked only about Paul Manafort and Rick Gates. Another claimed the questioning included “financial matters about the campaign, the transition and Trump’s inauguration in January 2017.”
  • And in June another ABC News report stated that Mueller’s investigators wanted to know why several billionaires with “deep ties to Russia” got access to “exclusive, invitation-only receptions” during the inauguration.

So here’s the short version: 1) Comrade Trump & Co. raised about $100M Ameros, some of it seemingly from Russians,  and didn’t spend nearly that amount, so where’s the rest of the damn money and B) every Russian short of Pooty hisself seems to have donated and attended exclusive events, and oddly foreigners are forbidden from contributing even to an inauguration.

Yet beyond just Russia, there have long been serious questions about the money behind Trump’s inauguration — and where, exactly, it went. Trump’s inaugural committee raised a truly astonishing $106.7 million, double the previous record set by Barack Obama’s 2009 inaugural. But what they did with it isn’t so clear.

Here’s the bit that may be another smoking gun:

Vekselberg and Intrater attended Trump’s inauguration together, and at the January 19 candlelight dinner, they were seated with Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, according to ABC News. Later that year, that company run by Intrater paid Cohen’s shell company, Essential Consultants LLC, $500,000 — for, they claimed, real estate advice.

…or was it for a bite of Fillet-o-Fish sammich? You be the Micky-D counter help and tell me.

And now that Mr. Mueller has Mikhail, er, Michael Cohen’s computer and other records, he probably has more details than he can handle… oh, wait? What’s that?

Investigators in New York; Alexandria, Virginia; Pittsburgh and elsewhere have been tapped to supplement the work of Mueller’s team, the officials said. Mueller has already handed off one major investigation — into Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen — to the Southern District of New York.

Good idea, Chief. You don’t want to be distracted with the small fry when you have the orange blobfish on the fishing line.

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4 Responses to Follow The Money

  1. Bruce388 says:

    While people complain about the lack of visible results from Mueller’s investigation, I figure it’s because he’s finding soooo much illegal shit going down. Every damn day there are new revelations about FatNixon’s crimes and misdemeanors.


  2. MDavis says:

    “Trump’s inaugural committee raised a truly astonishing $106.7 million, double the previous record set by Barack Obama’s 2009 inaugural. But what they did with it isn’t so clear.”
    Trump: “I had the biggest inauguration crowd ever!”
    I guess he was kind of correct on this one, after all. The crowd of people, not so much, but the crowd of donations, yep.


  3. roket says:

    So that’s why the republicans are going to Russia instead of Russia coming here to the republicans.


  4. Karla says:

    I had to look at the blobfish link. I wish I was good with PhotoShop — I’d color it orange and put a bad wig on it.

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