Local Patriot Keeps Time

The Hill:

A house in Seattle has taken to displaying a daily protest aimed at President Trumpin the form of a “countdown clock” displaying the number of days until his first term ends.

Local news station KIRO 7 reports that an anonymous homeowner in Seattle’s Leschi neighborhood set up the clock shortly after the president’s inauguration last year and that the home’s new owners agreed in a contract to maintain the feature upon buying the house.

The clock also has its own Instagram account, which displays a photo of the new number every day along with an often lengthy comment denouncing the White House–related news of the day. The account appears to have changed hands along with the home’s ownership but has been posting regularly since just after Trump took office.

It seemed like a standard-issue neighborhood crank story (imagine the neighborhood association meetings!) until I read the part about the contract to keep running the clock for the new owner of the house. That brings it from quirky Seattle crank story to, well, world-class crank story.

And what does the new owner have to say about being tied to the neighborhood service?

“It’s a message of hope,” said Lily Onnen, the home’s new owner, according to KIRO 7. “For me the more the number shrinks, the more hopeful I get.”

Onnen added that she and her husband will restart the clock if Trump wins reelection in 2020.

“We would reset the clock. We would start all over,” Onnen said.

That’s pretty great, but one does wonder what happened with the original crank? Dude who put the clock into the sales contract?

The home’s former owner added to KIRO 7 that he has set up a second countdown clock in his new neighborhood, Seattle’s Magnolia district.

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3 Responses to Local Patriot Keeps Time

  1. donnah says:

    Well, can’t we all hope Trump’s days are truly numbered, and the number is much, much lower that that?

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    • Bruce388 says:

      Mueller or cheeseburgers can do the job. Cheeseburgers are better because there’s no messy impeachment trial.


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