‘First They Came For My Madras Plaid Shorts’

Alan Dershowitz: Hung Out To Dry

At first I thought this was a joke:

…but it turns out that the insufferable Deshowitz actually wrote a think piece about it, and it was published, and he has been roundly mocked:

“Twitter dragged lawyer Alan Dershowitz on Monday after he penned an op-ed complaining about the social “shunning” he’s received on Martha’s Vineyard for defending President Trump’s civil liberties. “What kind of world do we live in when Alan Dershowitz gets side eyes at Martha’s Vineyard and Sarah Sanders is politely asked to leave a Red Hen restaurant? The end of civility. The end of decency. The end of righteous outrage,” New York Times op-ed contributor Wajahat Ali tweeted. “Please say a prayer for Alan Dershowitz,” tweeted Pod Save America co-host and former Obama spokesman Tommy Vietor. “His friends on Martha’s Vineyard are being mean to him.” Dershowitz claimed that his peers were “trying to ban him” from social life on the tony Massachusetts island because of his defenses of Trump. Despite stating that he was “not a Trump supporter,” he likened his treatment to 1950s McCarthyism.

The struggle is real, man.

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10 Responses to ‘First They Came For My Madras Plaid Shorts’

  1. Nangleator says:

    I coughed this morning. And it was exactly 100 times worse than the Black Death.

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  2. Steve-O says:

    Well, it really is simple. Don’t be a dick who associates with dicks. Then people like you better.
    Perhaps I should cc the entire GOP on this.

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  3. Dershy gotted hiz feelinz hurtz, ouchie!

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  4. Dennis Cole says:

    My thoughts & prayers go out to all the victims of this pernicious ostracizing. OK, done – what’s next?

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  5. roket says:

    I blame Ben Shapiro


    • tengrain says:

      Roket –

      It is ALWAYS appropriate to blame Ben Shapiro, for anything. And if he hasn’t done it yet, whatever it is, he will get around to it eventually.



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  6. donnah says:

    So some of Alan’s fancy pants Country Club fake friends didn’t kiss his wrinkly old ass when he came around? Boo-dee-hoo hoo! Maybe it’s because you are irrelevant, you old jerk.


    • Retiredeng says:

      I’m all too familiar with “The Island.” We have family there. MV denizens are usually polite to a fault. Even if they don’t actually like you. Politeness is dropped if you’re a flaming dick Alan.


      • A.J. says:

        Me too. Used to go there when I was a teen – before I discovered Nantucket. Both places, courtesy and politeness would overwhelm you! You could always tell who the rude off-islanders were. To do this openly…? Well, it’s just not done!


  7. Bruce388 says:

    Scott Pruitt could use a dinner date, Alan. Give him a call. He’ll put the trip to Martha’s Vineyard on a subordinate’s credit card, then refuse to pay.

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