And He Was Never Laid Again

monkey butt

I totally feel bad about this for a lot of reasons, as you can imagine, but Scissorhead MDavis sent this on WAY AHEAD OF TIME for Bad Tattoo Week, I flagged it, and then in my enthusiasm totally forgot about it.

Anyway, you better believe that whoever this is has never been laid again. Unless of course, uh, oh, never mind.


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8 Responses to And He Was Never Laid Again

  1. Jim says:

    It’s almost like a tattoo porn version of a 1930s “Merry Melodies” cartoon. Really weird.


  2. Bruce388 says:

    Sex is possible with the lights off and the shirt on. Always. Hanging out at the beach or pool could get awkward.


  3. donnah says:

    Aha, the old “belly button-as-butthole design device. Nicely done!


  4. Dennis Cole says:

    I believe the Librarian you are referring to is highly discriminatory when it comes to those types of liaisons, and since he is an ape, and those are MONKEYS depicted in the tattoo, he would decline any sort of, well, “monkey business,” for want of a better term.


    • tengrain says:

      Dennis –
      As the Librarian at UU is also a Wizard, he is, um, well, celibate. And I never said that these monkeys are Apes.



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  5. Dennis Cole says:

    TG – as he is a FORMER wizard, we may be into a gray area here. Do the standard rules apply when one has been transmogrified? And I was just pointing out that they’re monkeys; no offense intended.

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    • tengrain says:


      I’ve been re-reading Pratchett lately, trying to not think about current events before going to bed. I definitely prefer the early works over the later works.


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  6. MDavis says:

    Ten – I saw this, after tattoo week, and thought I got an honorable mention for finding a weird tattoo – I was happy! Just, well, I don’t really remember how I came across this. I do remember the search was based on the current state of politics, after that it was OMG, I gotta save this for MPS.
    Extra bonus, Librarian reference, and I feel like a total winner.

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