D’Vorce D’Spousa Goes Off The Plantation

D’vorce D’spousa—documentarian fabulist, convicted election fraud felon (pardoned), fired Y’all Qaeda business school dean, serial adulterer, and would-be bigamist and self-proclaimed political prisoner of the Kenyan Usurper— has earned an unusual headline in Newsweek:


A conservative filmmaker pardoned by President Donald Trump has been slammed for retweeting Twitter posts with the hashtags #burntheJews and #bringbackslavery.

He seems nice, huh?

Over the weekend, D’Souza has found himself at the center of a Twitter controversy after retweeting messages that promoted his film Death of a Nation—whose trailer compares Trump to Abraham Lincoln and asks “Which is the party of racism today?”—when users noticed they contained highly offensive hashtags.

Now, of course, D’Vorce D’Spousa needs his Ameros, he’s got a brand new wife/former mistress to keep in the style to which she’s grown accustomed (and probably has a new mistress squirreled away somewhere) and so he needs to promote his (plagiarized?) alternative universe sci-fi premise that he spent literally moments composing on a bootlegged copy of iMovie (only guessing, of course), and so he was happy, Happy, HAPPY to retweet a message from a true fan.

But the thing is, Dinesh, you DID retweet it. You are alleged to be a conservative intellectual, and you troll people on Twitter rather constantly. Are we to believe that YOU, as an academic, did not read a simple tweet, before sending it off to your vast number of followers? Here’s the thing, Dinesh: you’ve sunk so low that you are trucking with people who really would love to bring back slavery and burn the jews. These are your people now. What you are upset is that decent people saw it. No more NRO Cruises for you!

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9 Responses to D’Vorce D’Spousa Goes Off The Plantation

  1. roket says:

    This, of course, begs the question; If they brought back slavery how much would D’vorce D’spousa be worth?


  2. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    You can’t make a movie titled ‘Death of a Nation’ and claim to not be a racist.

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  3. Of course, you can’t really bootleg iMovie, because it is free software.


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