You Have Immense Power To Change Things

Hey guys, are you ready for your Civics Class for today, from me, noted high school Civics award winner!

I’ve been hearing IRL much lamenting for what will be lost when The Russian Usurper installs yet another stooge on the courts. One of the Scissorhead in longest standing and I had a text exchange that included many issues that (said Scissorhead) said would be gone in a flash, especially if the newest stooge is a Xristian Theocrat.

All of that is true, but it is not exactly accurate. We turn now to our pal, the 10th Amendment, which basically says that any power that is not given to the federal government is given to the people or the states.

So in real-world terms, should a new Justice in SCOTUS vote to overturn (for instance) Roe v. Wade, the impact of that decision would not be that abortion is illegal in the United States, it would be that each state could make that determination in the absence of a federal anti-abortion law.

States that already have an anti-abortion law on the books (Louisiana, Mississippi, and the Dakotas) could immediately do whatever those laws say. Other states might follow, but not all.

A Kaiser Family Foundation survey tells us that 67% of voters don’t want to ban abortions. 

That’s a big percentage, and could (in theory) get an Amendment to the Constitution passed. (That’s a hint, people. )

Our motto here at MPS world HQs is that all politics are local, and so this is your battle wherever you are. Find those other 67% of voters in your locality, get them mobilized. If your state reps start making noises about banning abortion, put the fear of Blog into them. If your congressional reps start making noises about putting in place a federal ban, put the fear of blog in them. They work for you, it is your job as their boss to give them performance reviews. You get to do the hiring and firing, too.

All I am trying to say is that the battle is not lost, the fight continues, and instead of being abstract and back in the DC  swamp, it will now be in YOUR communities, where you have immense power to change things.

(Image courtesy of Scissorhead WagonJak — I’m pretty sure.)

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4 Responses to You Have Immense Power To Change Things

  1. Parfigliano says:

    Tell me when those 67% go out and vote. They wont. And if they do they will vote for the person who will put people in cages thinkin it wont be them in the cage. Its always the other guy…..right?

    They think their cage will never be built. News flash….built and ready for occupation.


    • 9thousandfeet says:

      Tell me when those 67% go out and vote. They wont.

      Then the task is to get the fuck out there and try to persuade them.
      If you live in a locality where there are 67% of people already don’t want to ban abortion, the task is to try persuading them that’s exactly what will happen if they don’t vote.

      If you live in a locality, like I do, where the percentage of people who don’t want to ban abortion is probably closer to 7% than 67%, the task is somewhat different and more than a little bit more hazardous, but it must be undertaken anyway.


  2. BAC says:

    Tengrain you are absolutely correct, with only one small caveat. Over the years districts have been determined by the elected officials, essentially giving them the power to pick their voters instead of it being the other way around (as it should be). This WILL be an uphill battle, but it CAN happen. We need to motivate people who don’t normally vote, in the same way Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did to unseat a 10-term Democrat in their NY primary. This is no time for arm-chair quarterbacking. We all HAVE to get in the game!! If every progressive voter would make a pledge to get at least five people, who don’t normally vote, to the polls in November we could win!!

    A majority of people DO support abortion rights, LGBTQ rights, and the right of families to not be torn apart by a cruel and heartless government. This needs to be made crystal clear to EVERY potential voter — to turn them into actual voters!

    So remember to “Arrive with 5” in November!!

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