Seattle Protest (UPDATED)

Today’s protest march against Hair Fuhrer’s immigration policy was at the Sea-Tac Detention Center, which is conveniently located about a block off of the light rail system in the City of Sea-Tac (and yes, it is it’s own city). It was very convenient and thoughtful of the feds to put it so close to the station!

A rumor in the crowd was that there were separated families in the facility. If true, I hope that they could see out to the protest to know that we were there in solidarity.

I have no idea how many people attended, as the only vantage point to seeing all of it would be from the detention facility itself (which indeed had what looked to be snipers on the roof), and as it is some sort of federal facility adjacent to the airport, there were no news helicopters flying overhead. The crowd size will be disputed no matter what. It always is disputed. I think they WANT it disputed, but that seems obvious.

But the only metric for attendance I can give comes from Sound Transit who operates the light rail system. Each car can have a maximum load capacity of 250 persons, and each 3-car train arriving in 10-minute intervals was full, so 750 new protestors every ten minutes all morning. There were many stations where people could not board the train I was on, or at least the car as the SRO maximum was obvious.

I would say that there were several thousands of people at any given moment, but I don’t think it got into the tens of thousands at any point. Maybe over the course of the protest (between 11 AM and 2 PM), but not all at once. People were still arriving as I was leaving.

Again, because the facility and protest was next to the airport, I couldn’t hear the speeches, nor did I know who was speaking, and due to the topography, I could not see the stage, but it was a good showing, and I think just being present was a positive thing to do.

(UPDATE: The Seattle Times, which is, strangely, a conservative paper gave the crowd size at 10,000 people. So, you know, probably more.)

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6 Responses to Seattle Protest (UPDATED)

  1. donnah says:

    It’s good to be seen. We can’t expect anyone else will help us fight the Republicans; we have to do it ourselves. And when we band together, there is proof in numbers that we are not walking away from those who would rather have us fill internment camps with young children. We are right, they are wrong. In the end, that’s what matters.

    Good for you making a stand!


  2. Jules MomCat says:

    TG–Good on you!


  3. librall says:

    Thank you for showing up for those of us who can’t go out there.


  4. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Thanks for bearing witness to this atrocity, and pushing back.


  5. In Atlanta- the original estimate was expecting 5,000 but at the actual event- there were at least 8,000, possibly even 10,000. It was good to be there and see so many people just bothering to show up on a hot, humid Saturday. We started at the Atlanta City Detention Center and marched to the Richard B Russell Federal building. John Lewis spoke. Headlines say “hundreds” but I was there and there were way more than that. I have a few photos I took if you want them TG.


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