P.S.A. For Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, and Washington Residents

Folks –

These states primary have their primary election in August.

Please check your voter registration status NOW and make sure that you are eligible to vote. Some of those states (looking at you, in particular Kansas) have nefarious Voter ID laws and have been purging the rolls willy-nilly, especially if you are blah, or more simply, likely to be a Dim.

If you check your status today and find something’s wrong, you will have a chance to correct it between now and August.

Jump on it, please.

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2 Responses to P.S.A. For Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, and Washington Residents

  1. The Terrible Sand Kingdom Of Arizonastan’s primary is then as well:


    Primary Election August 28, 2018 July 30, 2018
    General Election November 06, 2018 October 09, 2018

    We have what could be a barnburner of crazee on the R side for Jeff Flake’s seat, If the R’s go bugnut, it could be Ann Kirkpatrick versus Khemtrails Kelly or Five-Star Joe Arpaio.

    My current rep Martha “Lets get this fucking thing done” McSally is running for that seat as well, but she has the horrible disadvantage of being a bog-standard party Republican from a really competitive district, and The Base won’t like her at all because she has, on occasion, had to behave like a human just to blend in. She did run away during the whole Obamacare fight, which pissed off a lot of folks here.


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