Activism: The Sun Will Rise.

As we can all see despite our worst fears the world has not come to an

  • Roe v Wade has not been overturned.
  • Barbarian hordes do not roam the countryside.
  • Our political process is still functioning.

That last is the most important. Our political process is still functioning. We are in the midst of an election season and the political machines are about to be shifted into high gear, next week in fact. Two and a half months from now they’ll go into overdrive.

We all need to keep our wits about us, don’t loose our heads and take action in the 3D world to fight back against the threats to our lifestyles effectively.

A call to action:

Follow the link below. Read BlueGal’s shortish post and decide which action is right for you to take this week. Then take that action.

Easy enough, right?

From C&L…

Don’t Just Scream Or Tweet, Do Something (And Here’s What)

Ripped off from Crooked’s website, here’s some ideas for action. In addition to direct political activism, I also like the idea of donating a can of meatball stew to a food shelter every week, or a bag of cat litter to an animal shelter, or reaching out to a women’s shelter with something from their wish list. When I make it a habit to do something every week and build it into a routine, it improves my outlook and gives me emotional strength to carry on.)

Keep it cool.


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4 Responses to Activism: The Sun Will Rise.

  1. donnah says:

    When a friend or family member dies unexpectedly and there is chaos and confusion, there needs to be a period of time to take it all in, figure out what comes next, and also deal with the grief. When we see democracy take serious hits and we see all semblance of governance being blown up, we need the time to do the same. I was devastated to hear of Kennedy’s retirement because no matter what the Republicans say, there are going to be overturnings by the Supreme Court. Trump never makes moderate choices about anything and he will nominate an extreme Right Wing judge. After that, Katie bar the door. We have no recourse for years.

    Of course, our primary assignment now is to get out the Democratic vote. We have to make sure people are registered and those who are eligible can get to the polls. And attend rallies and protests when possible because that’s a visceral image about the sheer numbers of us who heartily disagree with what’s happening in this administration.

    But let me vent. Let me grieve and wail because I’m sixty fucking years old and I’m pissed that the country where I’ve lived and worked and raised my sons is now a place I feel unhappy with. I can feel despair and sadness and frustration because I vote and volunteer and I love this country.

    I’ll move forward, I’ll fight. But let me grieve.


  2. osirisopto says:

    And we’ll be there to offer a strong arm to help you rise when you’re ready to rejoin the battle.


  3. donnah says:



  4. RWW says:

    Hahh…this is OT, but as an Anglophile, I can’t resist. David Essex wound up as a 60-something antiques/junk dealer on the British soap EastEnders and definitely didn’t rock on. It was a short stint for the ill-conceived character and he disappeared from the show with nary a whisper of what-ever-happened-to.


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