Somewhere, Stephan Miller Is Crying

The movers and the shakers in the White House

Hey Guys, remember that time less than a week ago when Hair Fuhrer twatted out that neither the VERY conservative immigration bill, nor the other VERY Conservative immigration bill written by ZEGS (who was trying to get a bill with zero Democrats passed) would do:

Well, as always the Stable Genius changed his mind, bigly, and in all CAPS so you know he means it:

but it was too late, his orcs and minions had already read the first tweet.

The House delivered a massive defeat to a Republican immigration bill Wednesday, despite President Donald Trump’s last-minute push for the legislation and weeks of negotiation between GOP lawmakers.

The 121-301 vote came amid opposition from all Democrats and dozens of Republicans, who feared backing a bill that could be tagged as “amnesty” by the right — even though it closely aligned with Trump’s immigration proposal and received an all-caps Twitter endorsement from the president earlier in the day.

So, now it is on to the 2018 Pie Fight and the only thing that the Republicans have in their quiver is an unpopular tax cut that does nothing for Possum Hollar, and trade wars which will kick the mens(es) of Possum Hollar in the ‘nads. Now to add to their accomplishments—that even with complete control of all the levers of power in all branches of the gubmint—they couldn’t get it together to kick out the Dreamers.

Possum Hollar will not be amused.

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7 Responses to Somewhere, Stephan Miller Is Crying

  1. Osirisopto says:

    Nor have they attempted to overturn Roe v Wade.

    To quote Gallagher out of context “The owners of this country don’t want that.”


    • They’re slow-boiling it. With another Gorsuch or Alito on the bench, and based on their previous rulings: Voting rights are gone, unless the law being ruled on is called the “WE don’t let the black people vote anymore civil rights act of 2019.”, anything that the legislatures do is A-OK.

      The reasoning in both the VRA cases and Korematsu II: Muslim Ban Boogaloo was that racial or religious animus must be literally stated in the bill for it to be unconstitutional.

      Also the latter handed the Executive branch the ultimate power card: all he has to do is whisper ‘National Security’ and anything the EB does is legal under their reasoning.

      After all, if they can stretch the First Amendment to force Unions to represent people who don’t join them or pay dues, they can pretty well stretch anything.

      Plus there’s this:

      If they uphold this it is the Super Slide into dictatorship, which would put the King President above the law.


  2. Dan says:

    “Possum Hollar will not be amused.”
    I don’t know. I think PH is simply too dumb to understand this. They’ll blame Hitlary, Obummer, and whiny millennials for Trump’s impotence. Because even though he alone can fix everything, somehow an ex-SOS, and ex-Pres, and kids are his Kryptonite.


  3. roket says:

    Donald J Trump meets Donald J Trump and everybody loses. Some things never change.


  4. RWW says:

    Dog whistle politics finally got the dogs going round circles. A beautiful sight to behold.


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