About Last Night…

2018 Pie Fight

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez defeat of Rep. Joe Crowley was the story of the night. (Pratchett fans will pardon me if I accidentally type Crawley, please*). She is young, he is not; she is a woman, he is not; she is a person of color in a district that is minority-majority, and he is white. She is aa self-described socialist, and well, Crowley is as Establishment as they come.

(Quick note: as far as I can tell, Crowley is not some creature of the beltway, though he’s been there forever. At worst he was a small cog of The Machine but hardly a DLC’er, his positions seem fairly progressive. An older white man up against a 28-year old Latina in the age of #MeToo is really the story line.)

Now, the Villagers are all gasping because Crowley was the #4 Dim in the House, and so they are comparing his being knocked off to Eric Cantor’s walloping in 2014, which I don’t think is accurate. Cantor was the House Majority Leader, Crowley was, well, nothing. Cantor, maybe only due to his sliminess and ubiquitous presence on the talkies was nearly a household name; my guess is that outside of his district few people knew Crowley’s name before last night. As the Villagers all started gasping at once I looked him up, but still didn’t understand the shock waves going through the cocktail circuit, like a bad batch of olives.

Now the Elite Media are all pearl-clutching, trying to read their Tarot Cards and proclaiming that the Dims are in Disarray (favorite story line) and/or Divided; and they assert that Pelosi’s goose is cooked because the Dims cannot win national elections with socialists! The cosseted media also says that obviously Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will go down to defeat because she’s too far to the left. And of course, civility.

I disagree, of course.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez represents the demographics of her district (which Cooks has rated a D+29) and will prevail there. If there is a lesson in all of this it is: the Candidate should match the district. This is why we have Blue Dogs and why we will have a Latina Socialist.

Or more succinctly put: all politics are local.

Let’s end with this:

That is a class act.

*I checked and corrected the Crawley to Crowley. I told you I would do it!

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8 Responses to About Last Night…

  1. Steve-O says:

    Agreed. Well said, Mr. Crowley. Well said, TG. March on, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez.


  2. donnah says:

    Crowley IS a class act and represents a key element in our future elections: take nothing for granted and figure out what your constituents need and want. Then figure out how to give it to them.
    Ocasio-Cortez did just that. She knows her district, she talks to them, not at them, and she listens to what they have to say. We know what a fucking disaster Trump and the Republicans are; focus instead on offering help and consideration to your people.

    We are going to need bright, motivated, educated candidates if we want to create a Blue Wave in November and beyond. We need diversity, energy, and a sense of strength in our candidates. And we need to get out the vote. Before it’s too late.


    • On the Crooked Timber post on this subject, one of his actual constituents chimed in: Basically he didn’t really run in the primary, took the win for granted. http://crookedtimber.org/2018/06/27/ocasio-cortez-beats-joe-crowley/#comment-734549

      But yeah, the OHMYGAWDCIVILITY!!! SHE’S A RAAAADICAL!!! crowd are shitting their pants right now.

      Dare I expect anti-cletus expeditions into the dangrous wilds of radical leftist Brooklyn by those intrepid and oh-so-brave NYT and WAaPo reporters trying to understand these strange and clearly Dangerous Radical Leftists who are threatening the Democratic party with enacting policies the actual ewww people want???

      No, they’ll go there, mock all the DFH’s, and find some bitter old Trumpanzee who will whinge about all the nasty brown people who are ruining his formerly wonderful neighborhood with their saggy pants, hippety-hop, universal healthcare and taco trucks…

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  3. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    Anyone who thinks Ocasio-Cortez will lose to a Republican is sniffing glue. She even joked about that in a radio interview.


  4. Plummet says:

    and Michael Grimm got broke like a boy


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