Possum Hollar Lays an Egg OR The Little Red Hen That Didn’t!

Kneepads. You need kneepads, Elmira.

So remember yesterday when Alex Jones told us to look out for a false-flag attack on Red Hen by the Libtards, probably a fire-bombing (wink-wink)?

Well, not quite a firebombing, but definitely harassment:

The Lexington, Virginia, restaurant that kicked out White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Friday night instantly became the target of online harassment and conspiracy theories, and things have escalated quickly: Owner Stephanie Wilkinson is being doxxed, with users posting her home address and phone number on various message boards and social media platforms.

And of course the biggest, baddest cyberbully of ’em all weighed in:

…because, you know, he was the banquet manager at some Russian place. Anyway, the WaPo sort of took that as a challenge and found that Red Hen has been dinged four times, and all issues were immediately resolved.

The WaPo also got their Bezos, er, hands on the health-inspection report of the restaurant at the Trump International Hotel in D.C. They had more than twice as many health citiations, and some of the issues could cause some serious illness. And of course it was only a matter of time before Merde-a-Lard0 came into the convo:

Critics were quick to point out that some of the president’s own establishments have performed poorly in inspections. For instance, The Associated Press found the president’s Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida was cited 78 times over three years for health-code violations including cooking staff not washing their hands and the “accumulation of black/green mold-like substance” on an ice machine.

But back to the harassment of the Red Hen. Possum Hollar being, uh, “challenged” in the smarts department, decided to harass anything called Red Hen, anywhere in the country (and a couple of places in furrin’ lands) and so the news is full of death threats and whatnot because of all the various Hens all over the place for kicking out Elmira Gantry:

“So far, The Verge has found least 10 different restaurants that were mistaken for the one that ejected Sanders — or assumed to be part of some giant franchise of tiny locavore joints. A Red Hen in Swedesboro, New Jersey, (motto: “deliciously simple food”) posted an exasperated note after receiving hundreds of phone calls about the incident. An unrelated restaurant in Connecticut pleaded with angry Facebook users: “People! PLEASE. Do not react before you know which FB page to which you are posting.” Across the border in Ontario, Canada, the Olde Red Hen’s owners were condemned as “liberal trash.” No restaurant was remote enough to escape the ire — not even the Little Red Hen in Muntinlupa City, Philippines, which was called out for 86-ing “one of the finest woman in this country.”


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5 Responses to Possum Hollar Lays an Egg OR The Little Red Hen That Didn’t!

  1. RWW says:

    And all the idiocy and lunacy on the unhinged right over this is the fault of mean liberals anyway just because they don’t want to associate with full-on Fascists.


  2. mellowjohn says:

    but has anyone claimed that Hillary Clinton and John Podesta are running a child sex ring out of the Red Hen’s basement?


  3. MDavis says:

    “one of the finest woman in this country.” he.


  4. Jules MomCat says:

    The lowbrow responses of Trumptards no longer surprises me. SOP.


  5. Gomez says:

    This is great. I did not know you could drive from Washington to the Philippines! What a weekend getaway! Imagine those foreigners not wishing to serve a spokeswoman they never met or heard of but the right wingers will be sure to teach them a lesson about not serving people who were not there in her restaurant.

    In other doings of the brilliant right, it was bad when a bakery was forced to make a wedding cake for the homosexual couple and a pizzeria in another state was closed because they said they did not intend to cater a gay wedding. In the name of fairness, it is perfectly alright for the bakery not to make a cake for a gay couple. It is perfectly alright for a pizzeria not to cater a gay wedding. It is also okay for a restaurant to not want to serve Sanders and since the right wingers are not clear on the Philippines being too far to drive for the weekend, they will not understand that US law does not apply outside of the USA.


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