The Silencing of the Yams

The Death of the Media

Tone-police someone else, bitches

Steve M., our pal from the essential blog, No More Mister Nice Guy, tweeted this message to our betters this afternoon:

There’s a lot of truth in that simple message as the NYTimes and others continue to tone police us, literally within days of yet another one of their anthropological digs into Possum Hollar to try to find out what makes Goober tick, and how he’s doing since the election.

And we note that they have not asked the Left how we’re doing since our country’s slide into fascism. Steve M has this exactly right, I’m afraid. No one in the Village is shocked when the Right issues death threats, and/or Alex Jones (wink-wink) tells his minions about the false flag fire-bombing to come, but if a celebrity says a cuss word, the lectures start pouring in. Oh, those “vituperative, foul-mouthed bloggers of the left” from the days of yore comes to mind.

When the elite of Possum Hollar wear their “Fuck Your Feelings” matching his ‘n’ her shirts to the finest Chick-fil-A, hardly a brow is raised by our failed media, but ITHMFA shirts are shocking, shocking I say! Oh, the Civility Wars!

Anyway, while we still have free speech, I intend to use it, and you should too. Don’t let the CNNs and Chuck Todd’s of the media silence you; he certainly is not going to silence Wingnuttia.

New Rule: Anytime an alleged news show turns to their panel of experts, you turn the set off. Sorry, CNN, but your burning dumpster of a network is a total loss.

Check your registration today, ask your spouse/partner/sisterwives/other to check theirs, too. Ask your kids, ask everyone you know. The best and perhaps only weapon we have is our vote. We gotta get everyone registered and out to the polls.

It stops with us.

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2 Responses to The Silencing of the Yams

  1. Jim says:

    Great post, Tengrain. The Left and even the moderate leaning left are never going to win the media game, at this point. Every time there is a fact-based critique of an authoritarian,racist and sexist announcement/policy, it is regarded as impolite or “extreme”. The MSM is actually abetting the gradual suppressing of democratic space instead of enabling it. Even though they must know they are committing long-term suicide by doing so. Corporate authoritarian governance (oligarchy) is the goal. Driving democratic voices “underground” (meaning blogs and other social media) ends up being the only alternative to waking the opposition up. Not clear if that will be enough.


  2. Dennis Cole says:

    Voting IS important……….but only if our Feckless Leader allows us to HAVE another election.


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