Obligatory Obituary

The Intellectual Republican at work

I’ve been asked why I have not written a RIP for Charles Krauthammer, and the answer is pretty simple: I don’t think he really had an impact (for good or bad) on the MPS community. He wasn’t villainous enough to merit attention, and he had no impact on pop culture, and he certainly was not entertaining. He excelled in being boring:

“Longevity for a columnist is a simple proposition: Once you start, you don’t stop. You do it until you die or can no longer put a sentence together. It has always been my intention to die at my desk, although my most cherished ambition is to outlive the estate tax.”

–The wit and wisdom of Charlie Krauthammer

Wow. What a zinger.

While all the usual morning email news thingies are predictably going long on Krauthammer, I’ll go short: he gave a fig leaf of cover to Wingnuttia, a veneer of intelligence.

Here’s the real test: who will inherit the Krauthammer role? No one.  Well, maybe George Will already has.

UPDATE 1: More proof of his zero impact — I just realized I forgot to tag him in the Dead Celebrities. Fixed it.

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15 Responses to Obligatory Obituary

  1. osirisopto says:

    Charles who?


  2. RWW says:

    I didn’t notice when he went away, died, or whatever.


  3. Condi says:

    Did you see Will on this past Sunday’s Morning Talk Show Thingie?

    The ol’ boy’s on his last legs.


  4. donnah says:

    Krauthammer, another snotty, rotten, hateful voice for the Republicans. I won’t miss him at all.


  5. Oh, Krauthammer was an evil shit. One of the biggest cheerleaders for sending Other People off to die in Iraq for his glorious Dreams of Empire:

    Hans Blix had five months to find weapons. He found nothing. We’ve had five weeks. Come back to me in five months. If we haven’t found any, we will have a credibility problem.

    It’s been 37 Krauthammer Periods since that was published. Yes, you motherfucker, we have a credibility problem. You never had any.

    It is time to start speaking ill of the dead.

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  6. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    I’ll save my condolences for the victims of the policies he championed.

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  7. Buttemilk Sky says:

    Koko (the gorilla) also died this week. Born in San Francisco, she could sign over a thousand words and had an IQ of between 75 and 90, which means she would have made a better president than trump. She was 46 and led a much better life than Krauthammer.

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    • RWW says:

      That is sad. Koko at a keyboard would have randomly pecked out more humane and caring messages than ever produced by Charles K.


  8. Czippee l'Shimp says:

    Who will take his place? Well, in Wingnuttia, he was an “intellectual”. What he really was, of course, as all those who are thought of as great thinkers in Wingnuttia are, is a smarmy asshole. Punch down, speak in complete sentences, and always be as condescending as possible, and you too can be a Conservative Intellectual.

    I hear the pay is good, though the price you pay is high.

    Am I glad he’s dead? Of course not. I wish he could have lived a long, healthy and happy life. But if he had, he wouldn’t have qualified for his job.

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  9. another kiwi says:

    I think The Onion got it right when they said that his ashes would scattered on the prosperous, democratic Iraq that he helped create.

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  10. Bruce388 says:

    With Krauthammer off to the Great Beyond, the conservatives’ intellectual crown passes to that paragon of personal virtue, Newt Gingrich.


    • Bruce388 says:

      I’ll give him this one: “Trump is beyond narcissism. I used to think Trump was an 11-year-old, undeveloped schoolyard bully. I was off by about 10 years. His needs are more primitive, an infantile hunger for approval and praise, a craving that can never be satisfied. He lives in a cocoon of solipsism where the world outside himself has value — indeed exists — only insofar as it sustains and inflates him.”


  11. Pyed says:

    I think, perhaps, I just might kind of miss that image with the propeller beanie of good old (let’s not go overboard) Zippy Krautnutter.


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