The Sad Trombone of Corey Lewandowksi

This was a rather bloodless moment last night:

And while most outlets are letting it go with “womp-womp”, to me it sounded more like a snotty pre-pubescent doing two notes of the ol’ sad trombone, thus proving that not only is Lewandowski a monster, he’s not a very smart one.

So, I guess the ball is in Mooselini’s court to talk about kids with Down’s Syndrome being forcibly ripped from the arms of a parent. Still waiting, Sarah.

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7 Responses to The Sad Trombone of Corey Lewandowksi

  1. Ellis Weiner says:

    Same here–I said it was the WAH-wahhh of the sarcastic trumpet, meaning, ‘Oh, too bad. A sad little irony that the rest of us find amusing.’ He really is an extraordinarily toxic prick. You don’t see that many in public life. Well, you didn’t until recently.


    • ming says:

      He meant that as wha wah quit your crying. I’m feeling really stabby this morning.


      • Paul Fredine says:

        THANK YOU!! with everyone else saying he said ‘womp womp’ i was beginning to think ‘was i the only one who heard the wah wah?’ now i know i’m not crazy…..well, at least not in this case, so THANK YOU again.


  2. ming says:

    Couldn’t be a clearer example of who these people really are. They’re not even trying to fake having a soul or conscience and more.


  3. Bruce388 says:

    Sarah’s hoping someone will take Trig off her hands. With all the brawls and domestic incidents, Child Protective Services would have a case.


  4. Osirisopto says:

    One more example of the walking id that is the Norm in the trump admin.

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  5. RWW says:

    Now we know who plays trombone in the cult’s orchestra. And here I thought Lewandowski was just a bigmouth liar.


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