Eiron, The Goddess of Irony, Laughed So Hard She Farted

Tiger Beat on the Potomac (thanks Charlie!):

“Former FBI Director James Comey used a personal email account to conduct some government business, according to a critical government watchdog report released Thursday. A new report from the Justice Department inspector general cites five specific instances in which Comey used his personal Gmail for his work with the FBI, although does not say that any classified information passed through his private account. … The revelation has left many people scratching their heads, given that Comey himself was tasked with overseeing the Clinton investigation.”

And we gotta give Hillary Clinton the last word and a gold star from some expert-level snarky trolling:

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3 Responses to Eiron, The Goddess of Irony, Laughed So Hard She Farted

  1. Dennis Cole says:

    Oh, Hillary. Wilt thou ever be vindicated, and not vilified?


  2. roket says:

    What does this mean? They fired Comey too soon??


  3. MDavis says:

    I must be remembering this wrong. I thought that the whole kerfuffle was that emails were to be properly archived with the Dept. of State and that classified documents were not to be emailed at
    all. The fact that the email was a ‘personal account’ was a side issue used to rouse the rabble.
    Anyway, a bunch of stuff got classified after their publication and it was found that Hillary had maybe quoted from, like two of those classified documents some months before they were classified.
    When she deleted her personal emails (or her aides or whatever did) she was dumping the stuff that State wouldn’t have any interest in. This was outlined as part of her job – I read some of the rules for handling of official state documents, and the SOS is supposed to pick out those relevant to official business and have those properly filed and do whatever with the rest.
    So the argument was that she should have, I guess, sent all of those emails on to State for storage and let them figure out which, if any, should be deleted? I guess? Of course then the complaint would be that she was acting all uppity and wanting State to do her work for her.
    On the other hand, I had thought that she already sent job related emails on to State anyway, by ccing them in the first place, only to learn that they didn’t bother to keep them. Hence the printing out of emails to be sent on for physical filing. Clearly emailing them for filing purposes didn’t work – the notes in the header about these emails should be filed was ignored.
    The personal email account was purportedly not the issue. In fact I did find the rules describing this, and the rules were changed in, I think, 2015 to discourage (maybe forbid, but I thought it was still just discourage) use of personal email accounts for work in the State Department. Before that it wasn’t, apparently since email was a relatively new thing, hence that whole thing about Colin Powell allegedly telling Hillary about setting up an account just for SOS stuff,and of course use a personal account. The Clinton server was an added security measure. It worked, too; there was no evidence of her emails getting hacked and you can bet that was searched for – especially when it was learned that some other people from State had their accounts hacked.
    But what do you get if you bring up Colin Powell and his advice as previous holder of the job? It’s a pig pile of ‘you’re just trying to blame Powell for this’ and ‘you’re trying to distract from this evil thing Hillary did’ or similar. If anyone actually responded to Hillary asking a former SOS how to handle an aspect of her job I didn’t hear of it. Can’t you just picture her with her screenshot of document rules, looking for Powell, because who that heck want’s to talk to Rice about anything, all she ever wants to talk about is what a great pair of shoes she just got, and showing that screenshot to Powell with an “I see what this says, but how does that work in practice?” I can. I can see that.
    Is this spitballing? I can never tell. Probably not, huh? Still, it would be nice to know if I’m remembering all this wrong.

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