BREAKING: Manafort To The Slammer

Little Kremlin-on-the-Potomac

“I hear Curaçao is nice.”


A federal judge on Friday revoked the $10 million bail of ex-Trump campaign chief Paul Manafortand ordered him to jail because of witness tampering charges lodged by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Here’s as concise a summary of the issues as I could find:

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10 Responses to BREAKING: Manafort To The Slammer

  1. Jim H. says:

    Hope he brought a toothbrush! And who’s gonna’ coif that hair and color him to match the orange jumpsuit

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  2. Marco says:

    Mueller racks up another one!

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  3. roket says:

    Years ago my sister-in-law served on a jury and received a call from the defendant. She, of course, reported it and the idiot defendant got in more trouble for witness tampering than he did for the original charge.

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  4. Skinny Dennis says:

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  5. JTO says:

    Mueller and Co. are doing their jobs. But they won’t save us. That is not their job.
    The indictments, the pleas, the cooperating witnesses, the fines and the sweet, sweet promises of state and federal charges against America’s First Crime Family – however savory, will not save us.
    We got ourselves into this mess over 50 years of hard-working laziness, disorganization and dreaming of perfect candidates.
    The only thing that WILL save us is the ballot box, and the Republicans are working night and day to take that away.
    The only way we will save ourselves is to remove every single Republican from office; at every single level.
    There were no good Nazis. There were no good Vichy French or good Collaborating Poles. There are no good Republicans anymore, and there never will be good Republicans again.
    The only way we get there is when a Republican cannot get elected or appointed to any office at any level any where. When no advertisers will support, no contributors donate to, or producer allow a t-v- segment which takes these racists and anti-democratic traitors for anything other than what they are: stories with which we warn and scare children.
    The only way we get there is to vote.
    You, ALL of your friends, family members, neighbors and that guy you walked past in the park.
    And we are going to lose more than we win.
    It is going to take a generation.
    You are going to get tired.
    Your hero will get a blowjob and Republicans and their friends will fan the scandalous flames to sap your energy and your courage.
    Republicans will reinvent themselves and disavow their own past.
    They will change their names. They will run stalking horses with Ds after their names. But they will still be Republicans, racists and traitors. You will know them by their policies, their votes and their friends.
    You have to keep voting. Keep registering. Keep paying attention.
    And when we win – you can rest for a mid-November weekend – get crazy, stupid drunk, then, back to registering, back to working, back to voting.
    They are not ever going to go away.
    They are not ever going to go away.
    They are not ever going to go away – not on their own.
    We have to drive them out.

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  6. osirisopto says:

    I read that Trumps playing both the victim card and claiming Manafort was “just another coffee boy”.

    Where’s his hand?


  7. Bruce388 says:

    I’ll bet taking off those ankle bracelets felt good, though.


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