Stumbling into Fascism, Apprentice-Style

Exciting News From the Trump Administration!

So let’s see, we already noted our concentration camps, so what do we need to complete our march into Fascism…

So, you know, comparing our press unfavorably to North Korea. That’s kinda breathtaking.

We point out the frequent failings of The Villagers, the contortions they gladly endure for access and of course their Get Out of Jail Free cards, “both sides…” and Chuck Todd’s “what about…” but when we do that it is constructive criticism.

What un-American Prznint Stupid is doing is setting the scene for a crackdown and Possum Hollar will cheer him on.

The Reliable Sources newsletter thingie goes deep:

Everyone’s numb. I get it. But President Trump’s rhetoric about the press is so extreme that it can’t be brushed aside as “yet another Trump tweet.”

Hours after returning from a trip where he lavished praise on one of the world’s worst dictators, Trump declared that America’s biggest enemy is… “fake news.” He singled out NBC and CNN in his angry post.

The “biggest enemy” line harkens back to February 2017, when he called several news outlets “the enemy of the American People!” This is another dose of the poison.

 –> My reaction: Is it any wonder why most Americans say Trump is unfit to serve as president? These sorts of tweets place Trump at odds with core U.S. values. He sounds oblivious to what has made America great for 200+ years…

–> He relishes the fight, and so do some of his fans: This was by far Trump’s most “popular” tweet of the day, as indicated by retweets and faves…

Top reactions

 >> Jake Tapper tweeted: “POTUS attacking press as prosecutors prepare for big steps against Manafort and Cohen…”

>> Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) on “The Situation Room:” That tweet “could have been issued from Pyongyang. That could have been issued from Moscow. That could have been issued from Ankara.”

>> Jason Miller on “Cuomo Prime Time:” “I think President Trump is living rent-free in many members of the media’s heads when he says something like that… I think he’s pushing folks’ buttons…”

Trump’s alternate reality in action

Trump’s “don’t believe reporters, they’re your enemy” talk is part of something much bigger. It’s related to his bogus claim that “there is no longer a Nuclear Threat from North Korea” and his willingness to excuse Kim Jong Un’s murderous ways by saying lots of people have done “really bad things.” It’s the Trump alternate universe in action.

Senate Foreign Relations Chairman Bob Corker said Wednesday that “it’s becoming a cultish thing.” Countless Trump critics have thrown around the word “cult,” but it was striking to hear Corker say it.

WashPost columnist/CNN analyst Max Boot used a stronger word on Wednesday. He predicted that “before long” the GOP base “will be brainwashed by Trump & Foxinto thinking that N Korea has ALREADY denuclearized…”

“The American way”

Chastising reporters for reporting is a pivotal part of that alternate reality. Speaking of:Some corners of the pro-Trump media are still blasting CNN’s Jim Acosta for shouting Q’s at Trump and Kim the other day.

“I was simply just trying to do what a reporter should do in those situations,” Acosta told Erin Burnett on CNN Wednesday night. Asking, even shouting, questions “is the American way.” He added: “I’ll do it again if I have the chance.”

Burnett pointed out that the workers from North Korea’s state-run media outlets were at the summit, too. They were “looking at all of you,” she said, “to see how you do your jobs, to see how you stand up to authority. It’s a moment when our country can show part of what makes it so great. And it is pretty shocking that it is being slammed by those in the highest places in this land…”

And from the Ronald Reagan Got It Wrong Files, the most dreaded words in America are not about the Government, it is “And now we turn to our panel…”

We note with utter dread that CNN president Jeff Zucker “signed a new deal several months ago that will keep him at CNN through the 2020 election.” Zucker is certainly one of the media titans who helped Comrade Stupid get something near $2B Ameros worth of free advertising during the 2016 Goat Rodeo. Expect more screwing from him.

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4 Responses to Stumbling into Fascism, Apprentice-Style

  1. I get really nervous when the Candy Corn Skidmark uses his SAT words as if he knows their place. I mean, really, he appears to have the words; but he has no idea how to use them. “Promulgate?” Reminds me of the time, in graduate school during a seminar discussion, I used “dichotomy” and “clusterfuck” in the same question. I rightfully took a hit for that.

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  2. roket says:

    Gosh. If there were only some way the media could fight back. Woe to the Republic.

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  3. w3ski4me says:

    I don’t see a “stumble”, I see a full out race to fascism. The news was kind of our last hope to break stride.
    Nice little country we had there, for awhile.

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