Grifts Gotta Grift: Pruitt Edition

“I solemnly swear to find the supplies cabinet…”
(Photo: Carolyn Kaster | AP)

Axios tells us:

“Speaking on Wednesday in a radio interview with conservative pundit Laura Ingraham, who herself has called for Pruitt to step down, Inhofe said the administrator “has really done some things that surprised me.” An option for him to fix things, Inhofe said, “would be for him to leave that job.””

Which is surprising and makes me wonder if EPA Director Scott Pruitt is not dirty enough? Don’t be daft, ‘Grain. Keep looking. Gotta be something else!

Actually what got Inhoff and Ingraham (worst ventriloquism act ever) panties in a bunch is that Pruitt essentially turned an EPA staffer into a full-time ersatz Kelly Services job placement expert for Mme. Pruitt:

Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt had one of his top aides contact Republican donors about finding his wife a job, a directive that ultimately secured her a position with a conservative legal group, The Washington Post says…

…The Post reports that former EPA policy aide Samantha Dravis reached out to wealthy Republicans about finding Marlyn Pruitt work at his request. A friend of Dravis told the Post the aide was uncomfortable using the political network to help the Pruitts supplement their income…

…At least one Republican donor, Doug Deason, told the Post he declined to hire Marlyn Pruitt because his family business has interests in oil and gas that pose conflicts of interest, given Scott Pruitt’s role as the nation’s top environmental regulator.

It seems to me that Mme. Pruitt must be uniquely qualified to be proposed to assorted legal groups and the oil and gas industries, and it seems mind-boggling that she needs so much help… what’s that you say?

Marlyn Pruitt, who raised the couple’s two children while her husband built a legal practice and pursued his political career, was a school nurse in the early 1990s.


There’s nothing wrong with being a school nurse, that’s actually quite an honorable profession, but probably not enough Ameros there for the grasping ambition of Scott Pruitt. I mean what’s a Cabinet position for if not for feathering his own nest?

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4 Responses to Grifts Gotta Grift: Pruitt Edition

  1. Hey what’s a few no-show jobs among friends…


  2. Bruce388 says:

    Getting one of those chicken franchises means a LOT of hours behind the counter, including weekends. It’s good she’s keeping her options open.


  3. Paul Fredine says:

    she was a school nurse? too bad the position of surgeon general is occupied. she’d be a perfect fit.

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  4. roket says:

    Chic-fil-A wasn’t good enough? Be honest. Was it the pay?


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