Ajit Pai: Verizon/AT&T Employee of the Month

Now that the lawsuit that approved AT&T-Time Warner merger is done, AT&T is now a content provider AND delivery service! Neat-o, huh?

Comcast has just made a bid for the assets of 21st Century Fox, which gives them also a vertical integration between content and delivery! Hooray!

So what’s the issue, you ask? Oh, nothing, except now the telecoms who have just been given permission by Ajit Pai to throttle delivery now also own the content, that’s all. So if you are a Comcast user, good luck getting CNN/ESPN, etc., to come through the pipe at anything like the speed you’ve grown accustomed to, and if you are an Verizon/AT&T user, well, NBC might not be available to you, and anything that was on Fox network (not Fox News which crazy Unkka Rupie decided to keep) is out of your reach or could also be throttled.

Oh, and because these “services” are pretty much monopolies in the areas they serve, whatever you get you’re stuck with. It’s not possible here in Seattle to say to hell with Comcast. They got no competition.

Also/too weirdly enough, NetFlix and Google/YouTube are screwed because they are now major content owners without a telecom. Good luck renewing those contracts, boys. You’re about to get throttled. Google better get serious about that optic wire service they were starting a decade or so ago.

Ajit Pai just earned hisself—with the roll-back of Net Neutrality—the primo parking space that comes with being the Verizon/AT&T Employee of the Month. So congrats to Ajit Pai: you killed the internet.

UPDATE 1: said much more concisely –

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4 Responses to Ajit Pai: Verizon/AT&T Employee of the Month

  1. So if you are a Comcast user, good luck

    There…FTFY, TG. 😦

    Now I get to see how Cox screws us/gets screwed over in this mess. As an internet provider I’ve been pretty pleased with ’em.

    Cow Pai certainly earned HIS Ameros.

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  2. Jim says:

    We’re in the general DC area. Verizon FIOS has the best service (though f*ck you Ajit). But we also have Comcast (historically awful service; don’t know about currently and RCN, which we tried and proved to be pretty unreliable.America may have pioneered online interactivity but the capitalists are busy trying to kill it.


  3. this guy has SUCH a punchable smirk. In fact, I suspect I would find it difficult to stop punching that smirk….

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  4. Also, Spectrum already seems to be fucking with the access to certain websites….


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