Voting is Our Superpower

Republican voter

Time marches on, and Tuesday we have primary elections in Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina, Virginia. While there is not much we can do to stop the criminality of the smash-and-grab Fourth Reich grifters, we can —and must—vote. It’s our only Superpower as citizens.

I know it all seems hopeless, we are told the system is rigged against us, and even amongst some of the louder, leftier voices (is too a word!), we hear a near constant refrain that both parties are corrupt, that there’s no difference between them, yadda-yadda-yadda. All with the intention of suppressing your vote. The Republicans don’t want us to vote (and are spending a fortune to prevent it), and the Purity Patrol wants to teach the institutional powers a lesson by letting the Powers of Darkness win.

It’s just a lesson that is paid for by the most fragile amongst us.

Not voting is (to my mind, anyway) the greatest disservice you can do. It comes from a position of privilege. Susan Sarandon will never worry about when or if the next meal is coming, but for the homeless, the addicted, the oppressed, your participation can make a difference.

So do it for them, do it for the people who are holding 3 or more jobs to hold their heads above water.

And needless to say, a vote for a Republican, any Republican, is a a sign of character flaw. They’ve shown us who they are, and no matter how much you dislike the Dim, you have to realize that NOT supporting the Dim, it means you are in favor of the monstrous policies we see in play every day in the news. You might as well hand the gun to the next school shooter, or yank the kid from his/her parents to give to tender mercies of the ICE officers.

But what about Manchin, Heitkamp, McCaskill, you say? Well, with more Dims elected, their Blue Dog impact is watered down. With fewer Dims in the Senate, they play outsized roles. That said we need them to get a majority, and to hold them in check. It’s the math, stupid.

So suck it up, Buttercup, and vote. If you live in one of the 5 states voting tomorrow (Maine, Nevada, North Dakota, South Carolina, Virginia) take a friend and neighbor with you to the polls, make it easier for them to fulfill their civic duty. Keep your faith alive and give them some hope too.

You’re a hero and heroes don’t let the monsters win.

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  1. JTO says:

    “Idiot” one who can participate in public affairs, but doesn’t.
    “Moron” one who votes against his own interests.

    Being an idiot, which is what the Republicans want us all to be, wouldn’t be so problematic if they didn’t lead a reliable mob of 30% of the population, the morons.

    If the Trump election, Brexit and in every election since ever, old white people can’t be trusted. Women, young people and all POCs are going to save us. But to do that, they have to get out and vote. In these trying times, they are going to need help. So help them!

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  2. roket says:



  3. Infidel753 says:

    Hear, hear! If voting weren’t an important weapon against the Republicans, they wouldn’t be going to such lengths — gerrymandering, state vote-suppression laws, endless schemes to prune down the voter registration rolls — to discourage us from doing it.

    My view on Heitkamp, Manchin, and McCaskill would be that, given the states they represent, they’re probably the best we can get from those states. I’d love to see a Senate made up of 100 Jeff Merkleys and Ron Wydens, but I doubt they could be elected in North Dakota. And we’re still better off with them than with republicans in those seats. They all voted the right way on at least some issues, such as ACA repeal. With three Republicans in their places, the ACA would be long gone now.

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  4. Nancy North says:

    Excellent commentary. I agree! We in WV are having problems supporting Manchin, who is a nominal Democrat. But we agree that with him as our senator there is the likelihood that he will vote with the Democratic senators at least part of the time. If he is replaced by the Republican candidate – that senator will vote with the Democrats exactly zero times.


  5. Also, check your resgtration status, like NOW!!! the Fascist Krew on SCOTUS just handed Ohio carte blanche (A French phrase meaning ‘Only the rich white folks get to vote’ ) to purge their voter registration rolls for any fucking reason they want like ‘Hey! There’s a lot more Democrats around here!

    The law plainly says you cannot purge voters form the rolls for not voting, but apparently it’s perfectly OK to then send mail demanding people respond for not voting then purge them when they don’t respond.

    And now the Red Traitor States are gonna run with it.

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  6. JTO says:

    They purge the rolls because it works.
    They make it difficult because it works.
    It might not change a Senate seat in Cali or New York, but a Congresscritter here, an AG there. . . .
    The one lesson we should have learned from Bush v Gore, Trump v. Clinton – “if it is close, they will steal it.” Don’t let it be close, don’t let them steal it.
    Get people registered, get people to the polls.


    • tengrain says:

      JTO –

      Thank you!

      This is the only thing that matters between now and the 2018 Pie Fight. Everything else is BS and a distraction.




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  8. Larry Seiple says:

    That idiot in the photograph would appear to be a good candidate for a visit from the ATF and FBI.


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