News That Will Drive You To Drink

What a weird coinky-dink!

Comrade Stupid pardons D’vorce D’spousa—documentarian fabulist, convicted election fraud felon (pardoned), fired Y’all Qaeda business school dean, serial adulterer, and would-be bigamist and self-proclaimed political prisoner of the Kenyan Usurper— and D’Vorce D’spousa announces his next project which favorably compares Comrade Stupid to Abraham Lincoln.

And no: I am not making this up.

“Death of a Nation draws a provocative analogy between Lincoln and Trump,” D’Souza tells THR. “Not that they’re the same people, but that they’ve fallen into the same situation. Not since 1865 have Democrats so dramatically refused to accept the outcome of a presidential election.”

That takes some real balls and complete intellectual dishonesty to say.

D’Souza acknowledges that the optics of a pro-Trump documentary will be deemed suspicious in some circles, given the president pardoned him May 31 for violating campaign finance laws.

“We’ve been working on the film for more than a year and commissioned the artwork two months ago. Trump had no inkling of the art or the theme of the movie when he pardoned me,” says D’Souza.

I’m sure it never came up. So to speak.

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13 Responses to News That Will Drive You To Drink

  1. osirisopto says:

    I hear he’s applying for the job of ghost writing trumps memoirs, titled My Struggle.

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  2. Sir Nigel says:

    Maybe Donnie will emancipate Melania.

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  3. Jim says:

    Deranged DSousa has been about how the Southern Democrats who seceded from the Union in 1861 are exactly the same as the Democrats today. Also, he equates liberal Democrats with Nazis because that party had socialism in its name. He’s a bizarro lunatic.


  4. Redhand says:

    Not since 1865 have Democrats so dramatically refused to accept the outcome of a presidential election.

    Well, Shithead, it’s not like we don’t have reasons! Like, er, “this Rusher thing” and the fact that Dotard kisses Putin’s ass in public at every opportunity, most recently this past weekend..

    Yeah, he’s just like Lincoln.

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  5. jaf48 says:

    “DEATH OF A NATION”; how original. D’vorce must be a deep thinker. And in ALL CAPS! So this must be serious.

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  6. Sirius Lunacy says:

    Since Trump and the Republican Party have embraced the Neo-Confederates, I believe that subtitle should read ‘Can We Destroy America On Our Second Try’.

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    • Osirisopto says:

      They’ve been neo-KKK since the Goldwater days. In the 90’s they called them patriots. I’d call the ones they’re getting cozy with now nazis and white supremacists myself.


  7. Steve-O says:

    Point of order: When referring to his name, please be sure to add “convicted felon” as a prefix. The pardon he so gladly took from tRump was acknowledgement of his guilt. See TG’s description, but I think the preferred use is as part of his name.
    Also too, it doesn’t help to call him a beady-eyed willfully ignorant little tool, but I digress.


  8. RWW says:

    D’pshit doesn’t know that the Civil War was over and Lincoln was dead in 1865. It was the 1860 election outcome that was the prelude to the war, when the same southern states that voted for Trump didn’t accept the outcome and seceded from Union. I’m sure the rest of his version of history is totally accurate though.


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