Just Sayin’, Y’all

Trump Dog Poop Pags

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7 Responses to Just Sayin’, Y’all

  1. Now I have the disturbing image in my head of dog crap trying to crawl out of the bag to get away from That Face…

    …and now YOU do too!

    (what can I say…it’s been a couple years of this shit, I think everyone’s losing a little bit of their grip by now…)


  2. Jim says:

    This is a best practice (or should be) for all dog owners.

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    • Ali Redford says:

      🙂 My dog would likely hold it until we’re all out of the house then let loose in the bedroom, before she’d put up with hers being put in a bag with his face. She cannot abide him or his voice. Remember those dachshund howling when “Law and Order” came on the TV? Ours does that when she hears Trump’s voice on TV. I don’t blame her, either. I thought I’d not detest a US President’s voice the way I detest GW’s, but Trump’s is even worse.


  3. jaf48 says:

    Well? Where do I get me some?


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