Local Cinema Seeks…

Did he use yarn?

…a projectionist.

In The Russian Usurper’s own words:

“[The United States is] like the piggy bank that everybody is robbing.”

And that is the only quote from the G7-Minus 1 that you need to remember, because he tipped his hand.

Not that I think it matters much, because from the very first day of the Fourth Reich, the whole enterprise has been a smash-and-grab, and all the power players have been clearing the shelves.

But what about the You’re Fired’eds, you ask.

Tom Price was ostensibly fired for grifting the tax payer for perks and first class flights, and Scott Pruitt who is doing the same thing is not fired, right? Tom Price did not get the Affordable Care Act repealed, Pruitt is gutting the EPA. In Comrade Trump’s Administration that means that Price is a L-O-S-E-R and Pruitt is a winner: Pruitt gets to continue to smash-and-grab all he wants. Price is voted off the reality teevee show.

So back to the G7-Minus 1. There was nothing there for Comrade Trump to win, but everything to lose so he did what he always does: he flipped over the 3-card Monte table on the way out. The story in Possum Hollar now is that Comrade Stupid showed THEM, and not that he couldn’t negotiate squat with of our allies.

And you might note that the Paper of Record is covering the controversy and not the content (or lack thereof) of the meeting.

On to Singapore. Expect more of the same.

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  1. roket says:

    Thanks, Trump.


  2. Bruce388 says:

    I’m counting on Dennis Rodman to pull us through.

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