This Is Your Brain On Kellyanne Conway

Trump University Marching Band Majorette Kellyanne Conway, AKA, Bullshit Barbie

Not since Acadamy-award winner Helen Hunt jumped out of a window in an ’80s after school movie have I seen anything as ham handed as these little gems produced by Kellyanne Conway, our opioid czar, and paid for by the gub’mint (your tax bucks at work, peeps):

Amy’s Story:

Kyle’s Story:

Look, I’m not making fun of addiction, which is terrible, but I have a hard time believing that these object-lessons will stop the Yutes of Today from doing anything. It’s just recycled, ’80s Nancy Reagan propaganda. Remember this?

…which was hardly a success, as the Yutes of Yesterday (who I believe make up the majority of the opioid addicts today) can attest.

If you want to do anything about addiction, first you must realize that it is a medical problem and not a law enforcement problem (re-hab, not juvenile jail; and while we’re at it, perhaps stop handing that shit out like Trick or Treats) , and you must also realize that there is no moral failing (which is absolutely the subtext of these advertisements). A chemical reaction is marvelously immune from thundering sermons from all the pulpits.

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8 Responses to This Is Your Brain On Kellyanne Conway

  1. FelineMama says:

    My dr. sez,” does it hurt when you do this? Then don’t do it”!! Or, take 2 assburns & call me in the morning. That’ll be $100.


  2. Bruce388 says:

    When Nancy Reagan was yelling “Just say no,” Jimmy Breslin pointed out it wasn’t having much effect since it was coming from an anorexic.


    • tengrain says:

      Bruce388 –

      “She ate an entire cranberry!”

      “Musta looked like a snaked eating a rat, watching it go down.”




  3. osirisopto says:

    Uh, that’s not how you get prescription pain killers without a prescription.

    That’s how a violent, cruel, stupid person imagines someone would do it.

    It’s easy to find a doctor who’ll give you anything you want for hundred bucks, or a roll in the hay.

    When a friend quit smoking they got a doctor to give them samples of wellbutrin for $100. After they kicked the nicotine habit the doctor took them into the sample room offering to let them pick and choose from a huge rack of drug samples for $100.

    They were stunned, standing there in a storage room full of samples with an offer to take anything they wanted with no record of what drug they were, where they came from or where they would be going. For $100.

    They stopped seeing that doctor because they had just overcome a 35 year long chemical dependency and wasn’t about to let another get a hold on them.

    For $100 cash the doctor didn’t care.


  4. Art says:

    Models of addiction have gone through three phases:
    1) Addiction as moral, personal, character flaw and/or weakness. High morals/willpower stop use.
    2) Addiction as a biological weakness/ medical problem common to all/most people.
    3) Addiction primarily as a result of social isolation, alienation, hopelessness. Addiction may be countered in part by social engagement.

    #2 was a result of animal studies. Unfortunately the studies were done on social animals kept alone and isolated in cages.

    #3 is the newest model and is a result of observations that rats kept in intellectually and socially rich environments may sample the drugs but tend to avoid them when the drugs are freely available.


    • MDavis says:

      So – poverty amelioration (less poverty = more opportunity to do something besides struggle to come up with the rent, including social contact) and easy access to contraception (you cannot beat endorphins for a quick fix) would do shit-tons more for addiction in many cases than – whatever it is KellyAnn thinks she is doing. I wonder why right wingers are so hostile to both of those issues?


  5. When Nancy Reagan said, “Just say ‘No,’ I misunderstood and have always believed she said, “Just say ‘Yo.'” I am sure my entire life since then could have been very different.

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  6. roket says:

    You know what else lowers opioid addiction? Legalizing mary jane.

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