RIP, Anthony Bourdain


Bourdain’s signature tattoo and emblem

One of the great story tellers has gone, Chef Anthony Bourdain (apparently) committed suicide.

I admired Chef Bourdain enormously. It wasn’t just Kitchen Confidential, nor his rip-snorting travel shows, but the man really earned his chops as a chef. One of my most thumbed-through books is his Les Halles Cookbook. If you ever want to know how to make a classic bistro dish in the least fussy and most approachable way, this is the place to start. And these are not dumbed-down recipes, these are the actual ones used in the NYC restaurant of the same name (now closed).

Bourdain was a natural teacher (I think), whose goal was to make food both fun and approachable, and he succeeded on all levels. His second career as a raconteur was a success on all levels as well, he made being curious a career.

This is a huge loss, and Chef Bourdain will be missed. But I bet the afterlife is gonna be tasty (and fun!) now that he has arrived. Imagine the stories he didn’t tell us that he’s telling now!

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5 Responses to RIP, Anthony Bourdain

  1. Big Bad Bald Bastard says:

    A bunch of us kicked off my brother Sweerums’ bachelor party at Les Halles, and it was atop itch experience. Bourdain forced people to think about food, culture, labor practices, and consumption patterns. He was a prickly fellow, but his heart was generous.

    It’s a shock that such a bon vivant could take his own life.


  2. The light in the world just got dimmer.

    He was a one man #NotAllAmericans force for good, humanity, worldliness (in the best sense of knowing that being part of the human race was larger than lines drawn on maps by conquerors), humility and decency.



  3. moeman says:

    A seriously cool dude. I’m getting hammered. R.I.P.


  4. Pyed says:

    Now is a time when persons of humanity, the best sense of worldliness, humility and decency must feel most threatened, The world appears to be turning away from all honor and decency, and persons possessed of humility and a sense of the brotherhood of man must feel bereft of hope as the Morlocks appear to take over the world.


  5. laura says:

    We had a spate of suicides about five years ago-friends and family members. Some had health problems they could no longer endure. One was facing prison. Overdosing, hanging (the jump off a chair vs. the current sitting down type) and one succeeded in drinking wine beside the barbecue grill in the garage. Some were rational decisions. Some were out of the blue.
    Each and every one left heartache.
    I cannot fathom the abject despair that would bring someone to see it as a solution.
    Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain. I can’t even. Is suicide a normal response to these times we live in?


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