That Takes Some Brass

I Coludious
(Hat tip: Skinny-D)

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5 Responses to That Takes Some Brass

  1. roket says:

    He’s going to need a lot of preemptive pardon pens.


  2. Bruce388 says:

    Does lying count as “something wrong” anymore?


  3. RWW says:

    How many “absolute rights” has Comrade Stupid given himself now? The constitution mentions certain presidential “powers” without the modifier of “absolute” in regard to any of them. We should dig up the bones of King George III and give him his crown back. At least, there’d be more sanity.

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  4. That’s what I thought too. “Absolute rights” were what the Founders were fighting against.


  5. Pyed says:

    These legal scholars you mention, are they in elementary or preschool?


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