Bad Ads, Cont.


(Hat tip: Seecrat Scissorheat @NamelessCynic on the tweety thingy who assures us that the ad is real.)

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7 Responses to Bad Ads, Cont.

  1. Jim says:

    I’m guessing also that the ad was also meant to be deliberately provocative. We’re in post-something something nowadays.


  2. Pyed says:

    The way it’s written, I can’t help wondering to which other orifices they’ve been asked to deliver their meaty balls.


  3. RWW says:

    This was Scaramucci’s first successful pitch after being hired by McMahon & Tate. I’ll take my giant martini now, please.


  4. Steve-O says:

    Are we certain this isn’t aimed at Mike Pence?
    wink wink, nudge nudge

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  5. Ellis Weiner says:

    I’ve been to The Meatball Shop in NYC and it’s as smart as they come. This is v. deliberate. (It’s also great.)


  6. Nangleator says:

    I don’t always want it, but sometimes I want it a lot. It comes in spurts, I guess.


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