Trump Grabbed The Job Numbers By The …

The Shadow Knows!

Comrade Stupid moved on those job numbers like a bitch, to coin a phrase, probably with a TicTac freshly popped.

Anyhow, the federal government releases a report on jobs on the first Friday of each month, and Prznint Stupid is given early access to the report, and was told to keep his yap shut until 8:30 AM, so of course…


So for those of us keeping track at home, Trump’s tweet suggesting that traders would be excited about the (soon to be released) jobs numbers? That may have broken federal law:

Don’t believe Goolsbee? what about this dude:

Noted dapper dresser National Economic Council director Larry Kudlow told us that he had given Comrade Stupid the good news, which Trump was clearly telegraphing:

“It’s my call whether to send [the numbers] over to the president. That’s just what I did last evening…he chose to tweet…I don’t think he gave anything away.”

So what’s the big deal about tipping the good news an hour early, you ask?

Jason Furman,Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers for the Obama administration:

“It’s market moving and it creates instability and uncertainty in markets. But secondly, and fundamentally, it’s really important that government statistics are perceived as being nonpartisan, nonpolitical data.”

In other words, it’s possible insider trading, but, you know, with the Fourth Reich, grifting is literally part of its DNA (Hi Ivanka!), so somehow what would be a scandal in any other administration is just another day at the beach.

I’ll wager 500 Quatloos that The Villagers will have moved on by Monday.

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5 Responses to Trump Grabbed The Job Numbers By The …

  1. roket says:

    If during the Clinton or Obama Administration? How about any democratic administration. By now he would have already been impeached and the howler monkeys would be in every tree pounding their chests and yelling at the sun, moon, stars and clouds.


  2. w3ski4me says:

    It is amazingly sad how little power Justice has in our Country, now especially. Sure if you are of color, or worse yet poor and of color, there is “Justice”tm waiting on every corner. But if you are White and of Money, there is little you can do to receive Justice on your misdeeds.
    By all that is in our Legal Foundation, tRump should at the very least be under indictment and on Trial. The lack of care about this is just unbelievable.
    We are truly lost if our Law doesn’t work.

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  3. RWW says:

    The Villagers cluck their tongues and clutch their pearls, but they have already created an environment that allows Trump to get away with literally ANYTHING. They’ve already declared that his base doesn’t care about this or any of his other crimes…so what do laws matter?

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  4. donnah says:

    Another sad, frustrating example of “if any other president did this” in action. Doesn’t Trump do somwthing just about every day that no one else would get away with? And even when challenged, he ignores it. Never is he held accountable. It drives me crazy.

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    • Osirisopto says:

      Welll obama fixed the broken economy, created millions of jobs, won a Nobel peace prize and forced everyone to get health care and no one impeached him. So there. [/s]


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